Lock Down Your 2022 Travel Plans with Book Now, Pay Later

Planning travel in an uncertain world can be intimidating. How can you secure your 2022 vacation with complete confidence? We at Thomson are making it easier than ever when you Book Now, Pay Later. Here’s how it works:

Book Now…

  • Lock down space on any of our family trips without paying a deposit. Not a cent! That way, your space is YOUR space. Take your time to watch how the world develops without any financial risk.

…Pay Later!

  • To finalize your commitment, simply pay a deposit on or before June 15.

But why is it so important to get a head start? Why not just wait until 2022 comes around?

High Demand, Limited Availability

Travel companies across the board are seeing demand for 2022 already surging. Hotels are selling out, airlines are raising prices and some destinations are completely booked up. This surge is likely happening for several reasons:

  1. Vaccinations are well underway, meaning more travelers feel comfortable and ready to go on vacation again
  2. The CDC has said flights are safe for vaccinated travelers
  3. We’re all just excited to get away after so long indoors!

Unfortunately, hotels, airlines and operators simply can’t accommodate everyone. This means there will be a shortage of space in popular destinations as eager travelers fill the hiking trails, city spots and beaches to capacity.

A survey from the Vacationer found that 67.72% of respondents indicated that they plan on traveling in the summer of 2021. That percentage will be higher for 2022 travel, when more vaccines have been distributed, more international restrictions loosen and more space has sold out.

Photo: Simon Migaj

We’ll Let You in on a Secret…

Did you know that travel operators like Thomson reserve space for future travelers? Right now, we have rooms locked down at hotels around the world, and we have plans in place for activities in popular destinations ready to go for families just like yours. When you book with us, we give you access to everything we have – you are guaranteed the space you need.

Avoid the 2022 Bottleneck

A wave of postponements hit the travel industry in 2020 and 2021, as travelers were forced to adjust to tight border restrictions and new challenges. As a result, many of them have reserved space in 2022 for flights, hotels and popular destinations around the world. With so many travelers vying for the same limited space, a “bottleneck” occurs – late planners may find entire months unavailable at their preferred destination.

Book Now, Pay Later helps you sidestep this uncertainty by giving you guaranteed access to the space we have reserved in places such as Hawaii, Italy, Costa Rica, the Galapagos Islands and many other destinations. It’s all about who you know!

Risk-Free Cancellation

When you secure space with Book Now, Pay Later, you have no financial ties or obligations to your trip – you can cancel your plans, without any penalties, any time before June 15, 2021. This allows you to secure your space while still having plenty of time to see how the world changes before you fully commit.

Savvy travelers are already taking advantage of this unheard-of flexibility to make their dream vacations come true. Don’t miss your chance to travel in 2022!