August 29, 2018

5 Must Do Outdoor Adventures in Croatia

A family vacation to Croatia is an up-and-coming choice for many families! It has unique natural beauty, family friendly sites and activities and delicious food. But most importantly it has amazing opportunities for outdoor adventures. When traveling it’s important to get outside and see what the natural world has to offer. Here are five things that your family should do outside when you go to explore Croatia together.

Kayak to a Hidden Cave

When there is a coastline as beautiful as the Dalmatian and water as pure and peaceful as the Adriatic Sea, we can’t help but recommend a kayaking adventure. Kayaks are great for families. They’re safe, low maintenance and allow people to explore at their own pace. From Dubrovnik you can kayak out to Lokrum Island, which has secret waterways and a hidden beach cave. Its fun and rewarding to find the hidden beach cave. It’s also a great spot to go snorkeling!

Island Hop

Croatia is a country that has over 1,200 islands. Most of these islands, over 1,100, are empty. No one lives on them! This makes the chances for unfettered exploration endless. We recommend taking a speedboat out for a day from Split and visiting some of the islands just off of the coast. Two of our favorites are Solta and Van Drvenik. Krknjasi beach on Van Drvenik is a wonderful place to stop for a swim and relax in the sun!

Zip-line over Cetina

The Cetina River basin is stunning. The water flows through craggy karst terrain for more than 60 miles until it reaches the Adriatic Sea. This is the most water rich river in Dalmatia. You can explore the forests, mountains and small towns in the area. But one way to take this experience to the next level is to zip-line over the river! The excitement of flying through the air with the cool mountain water rushing beneath you is something you and your kids will never forget.

Oyster Tasting

No adventure in Croatia is complete without tasting the delicious local oysters. These oysters have been savored for millennia, dating back to the Ottoman, Venetian and Roman empires. Royals would set up oyster farms along the Dalmatian Coast to enjoy this delicacy. What make these oysters special are the salt and mineral rich water sources that naturally converge in Mali Ston Bay. Take the trip north from Dubrovnik and take a boat around the bay to try these oysters at the source. You won’t be sorry!

Hike in Krka National Park

Krka National Park is one of the most accessible and exciting national parks in Croatia. It’s only a short drive from Split and there is enough to do there for an entire day. You can see Skradinski buk a massive, clear natural pool or travel to Visovac Monastery on a small island in the middle of the Krka River. But the main, and most famous, attractions are the seven waterfalls. There are several trails to hike that will showcase the power and beauty of the waterfalls. This park is an awesome place to spend a day exploring the natural beauty of Croatia!