March 15, 2022

7 Reasons Morocco Belongs on Your Bucket List

Morocco constantly flies under the radar of family travelers. But for those families that crave a fresh, dynamic, safe experience, it’s practically the perfect place. We believe Morocco: Marrakesh, Essaouira and the High Atlas Mountains should be next on your bucket list, especially as the world reopens and Moroccans are ready to incentivize travelers like you to visit.

Here are seven reasons Morocco belongs on your bucket list.

1. Morocco is Incredibly Affordable

Morocco is currently one of the most affordable international destinations available to U.S. travelers. Why? Because tourism is a big part of the Moroccan economy! Hotels and travel outfits want to bring business in as the world reopens. That means–you guessed it–lowering prices for travelers like you.

Practically everything about traveling to Morocco now costs significantly less than other international destinations because of this incentive. However, this won’t last forever–as pre-pandemic demand surges, we may never see these kinds of prices again.


2. Morocco is Safe

Family vacation photo in Marrakesh.
Sam, Mohammed, Beckham and Kam of Our Family Passport in the souks of Marrakesh.

Morocco is well-known to be a safe, stable country. Thomson travelers who stroll the Marrakesh markets and ride camels on the beach always come back with rave reviews about the people, places and experiences.

What’s more, travel bloggers from Our Family Passport said they chose Thomson for a Morocco family trip because they know it means having a safe, enjoyable experience. Read all about their Morocco trip here.


3. You’ll Go with a Guide

Thomson’s professional Moroccan guides stay with you during the entire trip, providing direction, insight and firsthand knowledge about the country you won’t find in any guidebook. They’re locals who know Morocco well and are excited to show you what makes it special.

They’ll arrange transportation, meals, services and more–plus, they’re family travel specialists. They know how to help your group stay fully engaged everywhere, whether you’re in Morocco’s cities, leather tanneries or the lively Djemaa El Fna Square.


4. Everyone Will Have Fun

Family vacation photo in Essaouira
Our Family Passport riding camels on the beach in Essaouira.

Our Morocco itinerary is hand-tailored by families, for families, to keep every age group engaged and excited. Camel rides on the beaches of Essaouira are a homerun with the young ones, and the older generations will stay moving with hiking, city exploration and biking.

Other activities include roaming the beautiful limestone outcrops of the Kik Plateau, hiking the foothills of the stunning Mt. Toubkal range and immersing yourself in bustling, vibrant cityscapes. There’s plenty for everyone!


5. You’ll Meet the People

Beckham, Shani and Kam with a local woman in Morocco.

Your family’s longest-lasting impression of Morocco may likely be of the friendly, warm faces you’ll meet. Friendly snake charmers, vendors, families and townspeople abound on our itinerary, and when you sit down for lunch with women who live and work in Marrakesh, your children will have an incredible opportunity to truly connect with people from different cultures.


6. You’ll Explore Off-the-Beaten-Path

The Atlas Mountains, Morocco.

So much discovery awaits outside of Morocco’s big cities! Go biking in the adventurous Kik Plateau, hike the family-friendly paths of the Atlas Mountains and explore the beaches of Essaouira for a taste of the country’s dynamic culture and landscapes.


7. You’ll Get Creative!

Shani and Beckham of Our Family Passport in Morocco.

Creative engagement is an invaluable travel experience for children, and it’s a core component of our Morocco family adventure. Our itinerary offers private pottery, art and cooking classes that weave a tapestry of Moroccan history, culture and heritage.

All classes will end in the creation of an art piece you can take home, too–that’s an experience you can’t buy in a gift shop.

Check out our Morocco: Marrakesh, Essaouira and the High Atlas Mountains itinerary.