8 Reasons to Travel to Baja This Winter

With travel having been inaccessible over the past few years, the idea of taking a winter vacation seems more exciting than ever. The only question is, where to? Here are eight reasons why we think you should chose to travel to Baja this winter!

1. Escape the winter blues

With winter days being colder and shorter, it can be hard to feel your best while being stuck inside. Traveling to Baja during the winter allows you to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. During the winter the weather averages around 80 degrees Fahrenheit, making it the perfect temperature to lay on the beautiful sandy beaches that Baja is so well known for and soak up the sun, or go on a memorable and exciting adventure.

2. Relaxation

Baja is the perfect place to recharge and get ready for the new year. One of the most relaxing activities that Thomson Family Adventures provides in Baja is the opportunity to go glamping on the beach. The campsite is on one of Isla Espiritu Santo’s most beautiful beaches. With warm oceanic breezes, clear blue water and sandy beaches that go on for miles, you can focus on making the most of your vacation!

3. Adventure

While Baja is the perfect place to relax, it doesn’t mean that you will be missing out on adventure. While on your trip you will get surfing lessons, hike the shoreline and kayak and paddleboard Isla Espiritu Santo’s hidden lagoons and coastlines. It is the perfect way to start off the new year—rested and with a spirit for adventure!

4. It’s easy!

With Thomson Family Adventures, every step of your trip is easy. Everything from the planning process to the meals, activities, itinerary and lodging is taken care of by our team. Our guides will help make sure that once you are in Baja that the only thing for you and your family to need to worry about is having an incredible time on your vacation.

5. Great for all ages

One of the most incredible parts of visiting Baja is that it has something for everyone of all ages. If you’re looking for activities to keep younger children entertained and engaged with the local culture, fun adventures for teens, or the perfect mix for parents and grandparents—Baja has it all!

6. Seafood, tacos, and margaritas–oh my!

The food in Baja is to die for, and you will get plenty of it during your trip. Whether you’re having dinner while overlooking the ocean, drinking freshly squeezed fruit juice, learning how to make your own authentic Mexican cuisine or eating freshly caught seafood, you will be making memories to last a lifetime.

7. Enjoy wildlife

Baja has an amazing amount of biodiversity that makes it an exciting place to travel to. During the trip, you could have the opportunity to swim with sea lions and friendly plankton-eating whale sharks, horseback ride while watching humpback whales and snorkel to observe the ocean life that Baja has to offer.

8. It’s amazing!

We have heard from our guests about how amazing their experience of traveling to Baja with Thomson Family Adventures is, and we would love to share that experience with you! If you are interested in learning more click the link below, or call us at 800-262-6255.