8 Best Travel Gift Ideas for Families (that Kids and Parents Will Love)

Looking for the best travel gift for the traveler in your family? Maybe you’re on the hunt for something practical, or you’re looking for memorabilia you can use at home. Here are some practical, fun and thoughtful gift ideas you can give this holiday season.

1. Cork globe

A cork globe that makes for a great travel gift.

Spin a globe and let your finger fall where it may – few gifts instill such a thrilling sense of wanderlust. A cork globe is a great gift for the family that wants to track its journeys or pin down its favorite destinations.

It’s a piece of memorabilia families are always adding to – kids love returning from their vacation and pushing the next pin into the globe!

Dreaming of the Tanzanian Serengeti or the soaring canyonlands of Zion? Put a pin in it! This travel gift is a great learning tool and a fun way to commemorate your family’s international adventures.


2. Scratch-off World Map

This large map is a travel gift with colorful political boundaries.

Looking to mark your travel repertoire with a map that’s vibrant and easy to read? Look no farther than a scratch-off world map!

As you travel internationally, scratch off the gold foil surface to reveal the watercolor countries underneath. Purples, blues, yellows and greens come to life the more you explore.

It’s the perfect travel gift for families who want to spruce up the decorations in their home – it makes for a conversation-starting, personal piece of wall art.


3. Digital Photo Frame

This travel gift is an electronic photo frame with rotating photo slides.

Digital photo frames have come a long way since they were first introduced. Once, you had to download your photos to a flash drive, put the flash drive in the frame, then upload them. Now, it couldn’t be simpler: just email the photos directly to the frame from your phone, computer or tablet.

Plus, it’s a gift you’ll use every day! Send photos to the frame while you’re traveling and enjoy the memories when you get back.


4. Waterproof Camera

An example of a waterproof camera that makes for a great travel gift.

Your phone’s camera will do just fine in most situations, but you wouldn’t dream of taking it underwater. This is exactly where a waterproof camera shines: swimming, snorkeling, surfing or whatever, it’s a versatile travel gift that survives where others can’t.

Water is such a big part of so many family adventures, especially in the winter, when families love visiting warm, sunny beaches. You can expect high definition quality from most waterproof cameras, meaning you won’t sacrifice quality for usability.

What’s more, families who love water will love this camera – what kid (or adult) doesn’t love underwater photography?


5. Travel Rings

Stainless steel and gold rings make for great travel gifts.

College-aged kids, parents and older travelers love travel rings. They let you bring your wanderlust anywhere! Each stainless-steel ring is engraved with the name of a continent, country, state or city you’ve visited.

Engrave one for everywhere you’ve been or choose a few of your favorite destinations. Wear them on a necklace, bracelets or clips, and you have a compact accessory that fits any style.


6. International Travel Plug Adapter

A plug adapter and converters are great travel gifts for new travelers.

Traveling in North America? Don’t sweat it! You’re going to find the standard array of 110-volt outlets everywhere. The rest of the world, however, uses an assortment of plug types and voltage levels, meaning a plug adapter is an essential item for just about any international family travel.

Travel adapters make choosing the right converter safe and simple – they ensure your devices don’t get the proper currents and avoid shorting out. Most families that have traveled internationally likely have a few of these lying around. Knowing this, they’re a thoughtful travel gift for families that haven’t been outside of the country yet.

Their sleek, compact design means they can fit virtually anywhere in a suitcase while providing electric access to nearly any country in the world.


7. Insulated Reusable Water Bottle

multi-colored water bottles for everyone in your family

Ask any family that hikes, bikes, kayaks or surfs during their travels: the best gift is ice-cold hydration.

And the best way to carry that hydration? Klean Kanteen’s insulated 20-ounce water bottle – it’s the stainless-steel solution to your coffee, tea and iced drink needs.

The leak-proof cap is easy to clean and keeps liquids contained, and the double-walled vacuum insulation keeps your drink hot for about 20 hours and your iced drink cold for about 50 hours. This gift reduces your impact on the environment and helps make drink transit easier than ever.

Receive a free Klean Kanteen insulated water bottle when you book any family adventure.


8. Portable Charger

power bank

You packed your smartphone, your camera and your other electronics for your travels – don’t let them die in the middle of the action! A simple, sleek and portable charger will ensure your gadgets and gizmos go the extra mile when you need them most.

Many portable chargers are smaller than a standard smartphone and still powerful enough to fully charge a device multiple time. That means even if you took too many photos of the beaches in Hawaii, simply plug into your portable charger and take some more! Some modern portable chargers have multiple USB ports, meaning you can charge a few of the family’s devices at once.