November 3, 2016

The Recipe for a Family Vacation with Millennials

The Millennial. It’s a word and term that we’ve all heard a lot lately. It’s tossed around in the news and on different websites as this elusive and sometimes impossible to please demographic of young people who are in the middle of embarking into life as adults. Technically, a Millennial can be defined as anyone between the ages of 20 and 35, we’re sure you know a Millennial or two (or maybe even have one of your own) and we’re here to tell you that this demographic isn’t that elusive or hard to please. We have crafted a brand new line of adventures for families with adult kids. We concocted the perfect formula for these kinds of family vacations to share with you!

Do Adult Things

One thing that Millennials hate is being treated like children, although we know they will always be your children, and sometimes the words “family vacation” can make them feel as if it’ll be a vacation similar to one they took when they were 8 or 9. One way we to debunk those fears or thoughts are to work plenty of things into the trip that are age appropriate. We’ll take your family on a bar crawl with a local craft beer brewer who can teach you all of the ins and outs of how to brew beer and what the best foods are to accompany it. We also make stops at rooftop bars for a sunset cocktail. Experiences like this are what Millennial kids want and are things that you can enjoy with them.


Everyone likes to have options. Especially kids who are in college or have just finished. They won’t want to be forced to do things on vacation. Schedule things for later in the morning in case anyone wants to sleep in a little bit and give options when it comes to activities. Providing a freedom to rest in the morning, take a yoga class, or relax by the pool makes it easier for people to have independence and have fun on their own terms.

More Challenging and Unique Opportunities

It’s all about doing something memorable that your kids will want to talk about long after they’ve returned home. Think about glamping on a secluded island, so secluded that there are no houses, restaurants, roads, of signs of human life. But with a comfortable bed and a kitchen that makes great meals, it isn’t something that’s only fun and unique but comfortable and delicious. Even typical activities like rafting can be dialed up a bit to make it more attractive to older kids. We’ll raft down rapids that dip and dive and will keep their adrenaline pumping at a nice pace for the entire ride! Or we can slow it down by chartering a catamaran for a day and enjoy the beautiful paradise around us.

Make Them Feel Like Kids Again

No one wants to be treated like a kid, but everyone wants to be one! Free of responsibilities and little to no cares in the world. That’s exactly what these trips will do; offer a respite from college, work, and life for a while. No matter if you go to Baja, Thailand, or Costa Rica— everyone will have fun and feel like a kid again!