October 18, 2018

Our Favorite Family Safari Photos

Close encounters with giraffes, stunning panoramas of Ngorongoro Crater, family photos in front of the Land Rover – a thousand words can’t describe a family safari well enough, so we’d like to try something different.

With 20 years of safari trips under our belt, we’ve had a lot of time to collect pictures. See what the family safari experience is like with a few of our favorite shots.

The Castle Family and a Budding Photographer

the Castle family on a family safari

The Castle family enjoying a family safari

The Castles joined four other families on a safari that would take them through the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and to a school visit for volleyball, soccer and some bonding with the local children.

kids on a family safari sitting on a Land Rover

A kid-only photo on the Land Rover.

We’ve brought a lot of high-profile wildlife photographers on safari – published professionals, award winners, lifelong conservationists, you name it. But everyone needs to start somewhere!

a young girl taking a photo on a family safari

Madison Castle photographs a baboon.

Madison’s photos were a big hit during the safari. They were a great conversation starter with the school children.

kids looking at a camera on a family safari

And they were popular with the other kids on her trip, too.


kids on a family safari looking at a camera together

We like to think the memories are particularly special when everyone is contributing to the photo album.

The Killeen Family Spots Sparring Elephants and Spend Time with the Maasai

The Killeen family on a family safari

Wildlife and cultural experiences are two key ingredients for the perfect safari experience. The Killeen family received a generous dose of both.

a child seeing elephants on a family safari

The Killeen family spots a herd of elephants sauntering through the plains.

elephants fighting as seen on a family safari

Two elephants tussle along the park road.

After wildlife viewing, the family stopped by a Maasai village to meet some of the people.

meeting Maasai people on a family safari.

taking a photo with Maasai children on a family safari

A day like that needs to be recorded, no matter what time it is.

journal writing while on a family safari


Some of Our Favorite Action Shots

From the beaches of Zanzibar to remote villages in northern Tanzania, there are thousands of activities that make for memorable moments. Here are just a few.

kids playing the hand drums on a family safari

The Dennis family stops for a quick street-side jam session.

kids playing soccer on a family safari

The Jorizzos jump into a pickup soccer match.

touring a school while on a family safari

The Quinlans may have gotten homework.

exploring Gibb's farm on a family safari

The Senturias collect farm fresh ingredients at Gibb’s Farm.

a family taking a photo with giraffes while on a family safari

The Armstrongs find a herd of giraffes during a walking safari.

hot air balloon on a family safari

The Chizmars float over the Serengeti.

And of course, no family safari is complete without the obligatory group photo. We don’t like picking favorites, but if we had to, the Terrys would be on our shortlist.

a family posing for a photo on a range rover

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