January 3, 2019

6 Magical Reasons to Visit the Azores

Having already told you about the amazing food in the Azores — yes, it is awesome — we’d like to point out some of the many other reasons the Azores is THE spot for any family to discover.

Just in case the idea of crater lakes, volcanoes, lava fields and geysers isn’t enough to grab you!

Climate = Heavenly. Throughout the year it is almost never below 50 F, or more than 78 F. If you dread heat the Azores has the perfect outdoor climate for your adventure. Just remember your sunblock.

Proximity: Nestled in the Atlantic, an impressive 1000 miles off of mainland Portugal, these islands are so easy to get to from the USA. Nonstop flights from Boston and New York make it a breeze for anyone not wanting to spend a chunk of their vacation in airports. (Hint: look for flights on Delta or TAP)

Whoa, So Much! The diversity in landscape offers unlimited exciting things to do as a family. If your kids seem to have boundless energy don’t worry —  they’ll be tamed by volcanoes to climb and crater lakes to kayak. When you all need the calming influence of hot springs, step right in and relax! Bike along the coast, set to the seas for thrilling whale watching, or snorkel in crystal clear water. Here you can be a true adventurer!

And the Colors: They are nature’s visual party, sure to tease out the budding artist from each of you.  You’ll find lakes of bright blue and some of vibrant green. You’ll be surrounded by fantastic foliage thriving to unexpected size; waterfalls rushing into delightful pools surrounded by enormous overhanging ferns. Rolling hills every shade of green flowing into sparkling ocean. Black sand beaches, blue and purple hydrangeas, and pink azaleas. Nature is at its colorful best in the Azores.

Tea, wine and cheese. It’s worth saying again because these are all delicious and so well done in the Azores! You’ll find Europe’s only tea plantations here thanks to the perfect temperate climate. The green pastures provide a rich milk for cheeses made from cow (vaca), sheep (ovelha) and goats (cabra). And the wine – well, wine grown in volcanic soil is distinctive and a must-try.

Local Traditions. As fun as it is to hike and kayak through new lands, the part we love best is connecting with local everyday people. In the Azores you’ll find a unique culture born from centuries of hardiness and survival.  Today it is still very much an agricultural society and Azoreans hold a great joy for food, music, dance, and celebrations. Come to the Azores and we’ll be sure you meet some wonderful people and learn about their traditions.