December 5, 2018

What To See In Scotland: The 6 Best Natural Wonders

The Scottish Highlands are home to some of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world. Around each corner the Highlands seamlessly blend full forests into still lochs and steep cliffs into uninterrupted valleys. This is why they have been the backdrop for so many stories and mythology throughout history from the fantastical to the magical. We believe that everyone who visits Scotland on a family vacation should see its natural wonders for themselves. Trying to figure out what to see when you’re in Scotland? Here are six of the most awe inspiring natural wonders that Scotland has to offer.

Rothiemurchus Forest

what to see in scotland? Rothiemurchus Forest

This is the perfect place to slow down and admire the russet tones of the trees blanketing the surrounding mountains. Each path leads to a quiet loch or a small brook gently rushing along. Once the center of the ancient Caledonian Pine Forest, Rothiemurchus Forest is one of the few true pine forests left in Scotland.

Cairngorm Range

What to see in Scotland? The Cairngorm Range

The Loch Ness Monster is not the only sight you’ll want to see when visiting Loch Ness. From a small boat or the shore you can look across the expanse of the loch and see the Cairngorm Mountain range gracefully draping along the horizon. This view is best when shared with family. If your asking yourself what you should see while you’re in Scotland – add this to your list!

Glen Nevis

What to see in Scotland? Glen Nevis.

If there was only one place you could spend a day admiring the natural world in the Scottish Highlands, it might be Glen Nevis. Bordered on the south by Mamore range and by the tallest mountains in the British isles to the north there is always a view to see. Within Glen Nevis is one of the tallest waterfalls in Scotland, a breathtaking gorge and countless views that go on for miles.


What to see in Scotland? Perthshire

Locally, Perthshire is known as the “big country.” It earned this nickname thanks to its roundness and wide variety of landscapes. From the agricultural stretches of the west to the mountain ranges of the south and all of the small lochs and glens in between, every walk through Perthshire is one to remember.

Birks’o Aberfeldy

What to see in Scotland? Birks’o Aberfeldy

On the western edge of Aberfeldy is a trail through the woodlands called the Birks’o Aberfeldy. The area, once called the Dens of Moness, got its name from the famous Scottish poet Robert Burns and his poem The Birks’o Aberfeldie back in 1787. You don’t hike through the Birks’o Aberfeldy for expansive views but to be close to nature. The forest is peaceful and all encompassing. You’re bound to find towering trees, small creeks navigating over and down rocks, moss covering exposed roots dipping in and out of the ground and small wood bridges crossing streams. This is a hike that your family will never want to end and something that you should definitely see when you’re in Scotland.

Glenfinnan Mountain from the Glenfinnan Viaduct

What to see in Scotland? Glenfinnan Mountain from the Glenfinnan Viaduct

As you ride the Jacobite Steam Train you will come upon the Glenfinnan Viaduct. There will be a moment when your train emerges from the forest tracks and opens up to one of the most magical views of Glenfinnan Mountain that you’ll ever come across. While you may recognize this view from your favorite wizarding world, we promise that it’s even more magical in person!