January 17, 2018

20 Reasons to Travel with Thomson Family Adventures

The Rapley family exploring Canada!

The Rapley family exploring Canada!

An adult and child giraffe in the Serengeti. Photo: Jack Garside

Exploring the hanging bridges in Panama.

Photographing a giant tortoise on the Galapagos Islands! Photo: Chris Gamel

For 20 years we have been crafting adventures for families of all ages and interests. We make every day of the adventure count from highlighting learning opportunities for kids and setting up cultural exchanges to hands-on cooking lessons and exploring the wilderness. Here are 20 reasons to travel with us on your next family vacation!

1. We Put Family First

We’re a family owned company that uses our personal knowledge and experience of family travel to craft adventures specifically for families.

2. We’re Dedicated to Multi-Generational Family Travel

Everyone should enjoy every moment of their vacations— not just kids, but parents and grandparents too! By providing plenty of choice in activities, everyone can find an activity that suits them.

3. We’re Real People

We’re real people who are passionate about family travel. You won’t get a call center or voice machine with us. From start to finish you’ll work with the same team of family travel advisors to ensure your family has the best adventure.

4. We Support Local Communities

From paying fair wages to local guides to using local ingredients for cooking lessons, we make sure local communities benefit from our visits.

5. We Started Friends Across Borders

On every Thomson Adventure we include a Friends Across Borders activity where your kids can meet and play with local kids. This experience encourages cultural learning, understanding, and sharing often ending in a friendly soccer match!

Friends Across Borders buddies

6. We Are Passionate and Knowledgeable

Our passion is the world; its cultures, landscapes, history, and, most of all, its people. Everyone here at Thomson loves to learn about new places and help families experience them in fun and exciting ways.

7. We Are Experts in Our Destinations

By having a limited number of destinations, we are able to get to know them thoroughly and build strong relationships with our in-country teams. This is how we guarantee a true Thomson experience for every one of our adventures!

8. We Offer All-inclusive Fun

From the moment you step off your plane, to the moment you step back on, everything is taken care of for you and your family. From activities and meals to transfers and guides everything is provided to make your vacation as stress free as possible!

9. We Include Travel Insurance

Every Thomson trip includes travel insurance. We know that sometimes life gets messy and having travel insurance can provide peace of mind to your family.

10. We Reward Returning Families with an Alumni Discount!

If you travel with us once, you’ll get a discount for every trip you take with us after! And trust us, you’ll want to go on as many as you can.

family travelers who received an alumni discount

11. We Pair Your Family with Families like Yours

We do our best to match families with kids of a similar age together on our trips. We’ve seen lifelong friendships made on our adventures!

12. We’re Accommodating

We have a great record for accommodating all needs of our travelers. Dietary restrictions, allergies, mobility issues, and activity preferences are all taken care of while we plan the perfect trip for your and your family.

13. We’ll Never Cancel a Trip

We will never cancel a trip once you book! We guarantee departures and don’t have trip minimums.

14. We Believe Sustainability is Important

Over the last few years we have put a lot of effort into improving our environmental impact all over the world. We focus on reducing our carbon footprint, both in our office and at our destinations by encouraging all our partners to use fuel efficient vehicles, reusable water bottles, and as little plastic as possible.

planting a garden to improve the sustainability of family travel

15. We Offer Smart Traveler Advantages

Book nine months before your trip and your family will be part of our Smart Traveler Advantages program. You’ll get free cancellation insurance, free flight insurance, and a free GoPro camera!

16. We’re Great at Customization

We love customizing trips! We have customized hundreds of family trips over the last 20 years. We’ve helped families customize trips from East Asia to the tip of South America we can do the same for you.

17. We Have Rafikis

The Swahili word for friend, a Rafiki joins trips with eight or more people to break the ice among younger travelers with games, pointing out local wildlife, and lessons in the local language.

18. We Only Have Small Groups

We don’t want our adventures to be slowed down by groups that are too big! We keep our groups small. This leaves room for spontaneity, makes it easier to get to know the other families you travel with, and allows for more one-on-one time with your guide.

19. We LOVE to Hear your Feedback

Evaluation and feedback from our travelers is incredibly important for our process and efforts to build the next best adventure for our future traveling families. We love to hear what you liked and what you didn’t. We’re always striving to be better.

20. We Make Learning Fun

Travel provides a unique opportunity for kids to learn things they never would in a classroom. By meeting local children, exploring ancient palaces, and seeing rare wildlife kids will learn about culture, history, and biology without even knowing it!

children learning while playing at the beack


We Are Committed to Being the Best

The best thing about Thomson Family Adventures is the adventure! For 20 years we have been dedicated to creating unforgettable trips for all different types of families. During the last 20 years we’ve learned that there is no experience that compares to family adventure travel. You won’t only create lasting memories together on our trips, but strengthen your lifelong family bonds.