November 22, 2011

Our Summer 2011 Photo Contest Winners

Our photo Contest Winners! Thanks to everyone who submitted some of the most wonderful photos we have ever seen. We’ve carefully tagged, labeled and stored thousands of photos (and even hired some extra staff to help!) and we are working on getting them up to our website. In the meantime, you can see the top three from last summer, as chosen by our staff and our friends on Facebook.

A Boy and an Iguana in the Galapagos

This photo is our Number One prize winner. I like to call it ’Determination and Discovery in the Galapagos Islands’ (I love the boy’s expression!). Where else in the world can you pose with a fat iguana, and study him up close? The wildlife is so friendly and curious, it’s easy to forget there is no hugging allowed.

Leaping in Cappadocia

I know this might look fake, but I assure you this is so real. Our Second Prize winning photo illustrates one of my favorite spots in Turkey – Cappadocia. Such a magical land with a lunar landscape that takes your breath away. Add to that a brilliant blue sky, puffy clouds, a leap of joy, and a sliver of shadow – what a great photograph!

Brilliant Peru

Tom Close took this Third Place photo, on his family adventure in Peru. I personally have accused him of doing something tricky to capture such brilliant, lively color and expression but he insists he just waits until the right moment and then the photo takes itself. I loves this because it truly captures the magnificence of Peru, and makes me want to hurry up and go back!

Thanks to everyone for the awesome contributions; many of them grace the pages of our new brochure.

Starting with our December trips we’ll have a zippy new annual contest with big prizes for photography, art, video, and writing too. Sharpen up those creative skills!