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the view from a Galapagos family cruise June 15, 2018

Why Take a Galapagos Family Cruise?

One of the best ways to explore the Galapagos Islands is by taking a small boat cruise. Since there are 18 main islands, three small islands, and 107 islets that make up the Galapagos Islands, cruising is the best way to get around. Plus, on a small boat your family will have an intimate and…

yellow building where people are preparing for their upcoming family vacations June 8, 2018

8 Things to Do Before you Go on a Family Vacation

You’ve done your research, decided on a place to travel with your kids, booked you flights, and packed your bags. You’re all set for your family adventure, right? Not so fast! There are a few things that you need to do before you leave to make sure that nothing spoils your family vacation. Here are…

The Galapagos Islands are great for kids - swim in the Galapagos almost always includes sea lions May 30, 2018

Galapagos Islands For Kids: Best Activities For Your Family Vacation

A visit to the Galapagos Islands is a visit to a real life interactive science park! There is no better place in the world to be face-to-face with nature, biology, wildlife, and exciting active adventures. There is an amazing amount of wildlife for kids to see in the Galapagos and there are a lot of…

hydrangeas from the azores May 24, 2018

The Azores Islands are a Food Paradise for Families

The Azores are a group of nine lush islands about 1,000 miles off of the coast of Portugal. They are known for beautiful scenery, water sports, whale watching, hiking, and their amazing cuisine. They are a perfect place to travel with kids. Overlooking the ocean, farms and vineyards thrive due to the rich volcanic soil…

children in vietnam May 17, 2018

My Time in Vietnam

The Vietnam that I learned about in history class and have seen on the news is not the Vietnam that I saw on my recent trip there. Stories of tension have been replaced by smiling faces, friendly conversation, and delicious food! Since we added a Vietnam family vacation to our list of available family vacation…