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January 24, 2019

Sour, Bitter, Sweet, Spicy, Salty – Vietnam!

Vietnam is Southeast Asia’s fastest growing economy; it is the world’s largest exporter of black pepper and the largest producer of cashews.  After Brazil, Vietnam is the second largest producer of coffee. The Vietnamese may hang chicken feet on the front of their house to ward off evil spirits, and often keep pot-bellied pigs as…

children in vietnam May 17, 2018

My Time in Vietnam

The Vietnam that I learned about in history class and have seen on the news is not the Vietnam that I saw on my recent trip there. Stories of tension have been replaced by smiling faces, friendly conversation, and delicious food! Since we added a Vietnam family vacation to our list of available family vacation…

a dish with shrimp - something delicious for your family to eat while in Vietnam. April 26, 2018

A Guide to Family Eating in Vietnam

Vietnam is an up-and-coming family vacation destination. Vietnam is fun, exciting, and perfect for travel with kids! There are plenty of cities, regions, and countryside to explore. But the most exciting thing to explore is the food. Eating internationally can sometimes be tricky or intimidating for kids, but that isn’t the case in Vietnam! Here…

February 23, 2015

The Traditional Arts in Vietnam

In addition to experiencing a culture through food, language, history, and architecture, learning about its traditional arts also gives travelers a glimpse into every day life. A visit to Vietnam is filled with opportunities to witness the local people’s artistry in a respectful and dignified way. While in Hanoi, we did a Vespa tour which…

February 9, 2015

Hoi An Vespa Tour: A Different Perspective

By Noemi Gamel For the last seven months, with the exception of the time we rented a car during our three weeks in New Zealand, we have been exploring the different towns we have visited on foot. We occasionally take a car (or tuk tuk!) to a particular site, but for the most part, we…