Covid-19 Updates

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Thomson Family Adventures COVID-19 Safety Plan

The safety of our guests and staff is always our number one priority and informs all our decisions. And as the demand for world travel returns, we wanted to share some of the protocols we and our partners around the world have been implementing to help fight the transmission of COVID-19 for you, your family and the communities you visit.

Our preferred airlines have also been making sure their own safety procedures are top-of-the-line, including temperature checks, advanced in-flight air filtration systems and touchless screening technology. While no set of precautions can negate the risk completely, we hope the information below will help you decide what is best for you when you are planning to travel. Please read on to learn about the extra precautions you should expect on your adventure. Click here to take our Thomson Pledge.

Vaccinations Required for All Guests

For travel as of November 1, 2021, all Thomson guests aged 12 and older will be required to show proof of full COVID-19 vaccination. It’s the best, safest way we can all get back to traveling the world responsibly.

A simple snapshot of your CDC vaccination card will do, showing the date(s) and type of vaccine you received.  If we do not receive valid vaccination proof, or you prefer not to receive a vaccination, you will unfortunately not be able to participate in your trip.

Guides and staff in every country where we operate got in line for vaccination immediately. Considered front-line workers, they wanted to do their part for their own health, the safety of their communities and the well-being of visitors like you. Now you can rest assured that everyone on your trip – your guide and your fellow travelers – will also be vaccinated.  We can’t wait for you to join us!

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what to expect
Vetted Hotels

The hotels we work with have implemented COVID-19 specific cleaning procedures and increased the frequency of all cleaning routines. Many hotels have also revised their check-in process to reduce the amount of time you spend in contact with others.

Enhanced Safety Measures

Masks, social distancing and frequent handwashing will go a long way in ensuring your trip is a safe and healthy experience. Your guides and servicers will also be sanitizing every pole, paddle and piece of equipment you use along the way. They will help you stay in your own travel “bubble,” keeping you distanced as much as possible from other travelers. In any case, we strongly encourage you to bring your own mask and hand sanitizer.

Plated Meals

In lieu of buffets, restaurants and hotels will offer plated meals. Staff will be masked, and tables will be spaced farther apart when possible. Expect to dine outdoors more often. Your trip manager and guides will be happy to answer questions regarding your upcoming dining experiences before and during your trip.

Private Vehicles

On top of intensive, frequent cleaning, your private vehicles will feature additional space between passengers. We monitor every trip individually and may adjust the number of vehicles if need be. The goal is to keep your travel “bubble” as separate from other bubbles as possible.

Small Groups

As always, Thomson travelers can expect to travel in small groups. Depending on the size of your trip, you may join another family in a bubble – eating meals, riding in vans and partaking in activities together. Or, you may choose to take a private trip with only you, your family and your own personal guide. Call us at 800-262-6255 for more details on how to plan a private trip.

Prepared Guides

Your guide will be well-versed in what’s going on in your travel destination. They are prepared to offer support and emergency assistance when needed. They will also be knowledgeable regarding their government’s travel protocols, and will be proactive about anticipating your needs and foreseeing potential adjustments during your trip. Don’t hesitate to ask them about what’s coming up!

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Stay Informed

We’re keeping up to date on the latest updates from the CDC, the WHO, the State Department and our partners on the ground. We encourage you to stay informed so you are up to date with the latest health and safety recommendations.

Keep In Touch With Us!

Our team of professional trip consultants have remained up to date on CDC, WHO and State Department advisories and recommendations. We’ll be touching base with you occasionally before your trip to ensure your paperwork is in order, but also to ensure you are ready and feeling comfortable with your trip.

If you’d like to talk, we are currently available Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST. Contact us!

Arrive Healthy

Many countries require a negative COVID-19 test result, or proof of vaccination (digital, and usually including a QR code). In some cases, you may be screened upon arrival to your destination. The safest way to ensure you can go on your adventure is to practice safety measures and stay socially distanced in the two weeks leading up to your departure. If you feel unwell, or have a high temperature, we ask that you please stay home. As hard as it may be when you have your trip ahead, the risk just is not worth it.

Please call us at 800-262-6255 or email us at for more information on what we’re doing to make travel safer and more secure.

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Existing Bookings

Managing Flights

If you booked your flights on your own, please contact the airline directly to change or cancel them in accordance with your travel plans. If you booked your flights through our partner, Exito, please reach out to your Exito flight representative, who will work with the airlines to change or cancel your flights. Please note that every airline has its own cancellation and refund policies, so we cannot guarantee you will be refunded.

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Airlines are preparing to implement thorough safety procedures as they prepare for the return of international travel. We’ve included information below from airlines and other resources that our guests regularly use to travel internationally. These resources are in regard to airport procedures, in-flight air filtration systems and worldwide travel restrictions.

Where Can Americans Travel Right Now? A County-by-Country Guide

What You Need to Know About Air Quality During Commercial Flights

IATA: COVID-19 Coronavirus & Travelers

IATA: COVID-19 Travel Regulation Map

WHO: Air Travel Advice

Delta Travel Requirements

QATAR Airways Safety Measures Fact Sheet

Turkish Airlines Guidelines for Safe Travel

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