Guatemala: Tikal, Pacaya & the Magic of Atitlan

  • Overview

    On a Guatemala family vacation your family will explore ancient Mayan ruins and temples and quaint and colorful cities. The enchanting little Central American slice of heaven that is Guatemala has different adventures at every stop from jungle zip-lines and hikes searching for monkeys to the cobblestone streets of Antigua.

    Here are some ideas for your custom family vacation in Guatemala!

    Explore the City of Antigua

    Feel as if you’re taking a walk back in time as you weave through quaint streets passing by ancient churches, convents, and cathedrals.

    Hike the Pacaya Volcano

    Earn some of the best views of Antigua as you hike up the Pacaya Volcano on trails where you will still find steaming molten rock from the most recent eruption in 2010. Maybe you can even toast a marshmallow or two for a snack.

    Visit the Ancient Ruins of Tikal

    Explore over 3,000 individual structures, temples, and courtyards of the mysterious remnants of the once glorious Mayan civilization at Tikal.

    Zip-Line in Ixpanpajul National Park

    Take high to the sky and zip-line through a magnificent forest canopy full of a variety of wildlife and exotic plants, trees, and flowers.

    Meet the Locals on Lake Atitlan

    Go to the deepest lake in Central America and visit different Mayan villages to experience the art of traditional weaving and beadwork, as well as visiting the home of a local naif painter.

    This is a sample of ideas. Please give us a call to discuss creating a full itinerary.