Perfect Family Safari

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    The Perfect Family Safari strikes the perfect balance for kids, parents, and grandparents alike explore the most popular cultural and wildlife staples of Tanzania. From soccer matches and Maasai storytellers to wildlife scouting and legendary landscapes this is an unforgettable family adventure!

    Wildlife Viewing in Ngorongoro Crater

    Explore the fertile Ngorongoro Crater looking for the Big 5: elephants, lions, rhinoceroses, African buffaloes, and leopards.

    Track Animals in the Eastern Serengeti Nature Refuge

    Hike with your guide looking and local wildlife scout, identifying rare species and learning how to distinguish animal tracks.

    Friends Across Borders

    Through Friends Across Borders, experience the warmth, kindness, and generosity of the Tanzanian people and visit local schools and villages to get a first-hand interaction with the Maasai culture.

    Stay at Gibb’s Farm (Travel + Leisure Top African Safari Lodge)

    After full days of exploration, relax in your eco-friendly cottage, set amidst the farm’s lush gardens. Enjoy an outdoor shower, in-room spa treatment, farm-to-table dining, and learning about local culture from the attentive staff.

    Explore Serengeti National Park

    While on this family safari, you’ll have plenty of opportunities for wildlife viewing drives in the Serengeti searching for giraffes, hippos, antelopes, ostriches, jackals, baboons, dik-diks, and more.


  • Itinerary

    Day 1

    Fly to Tanzania

    Day 2


    Transfer from Kilimanjaro Airport With Your Group

    Days 3-4

    Eastern Serengeti Ecosystem

    Afternoon Wildlife Viewing in the Eastern Serengeti Ecosystem

    Enjoy wildlife viewing this afternoon in the Eastern Serengeti Ecosystem. Be on the lookout for rarer species, such as the bat-eared fox and the smaller animals that are sometimes overlooked, such as the mongoose, hyrax, dik dik, and klipspringer.

    Late Afternoon Walk

    Stretch your legs on a brief but scenic walk this afternoon. As one recent guest put it, the nature refuge is “a magical place of peace and beauty,” and there’s no better way to experience it than on foot. A local wildlife scout will accompany you and your guide on this walk, pointing out nearby wildlife.

    Introduction to the Nature Refuge

    Your guide will give you a brief tour and history of the 10,000-acre refuge as you make your way to camp. Enjoy wildlife viewing along the way, one of the tangible results of conservation efforts in the area. Giraffe, eland, dik dik, ostrich, leopard and even wild dog can be seen in this unique wildlife haven, dubbed “Giraffic Park” by one enthusiastic guest.

    Footprint Identifying

    How do you tell the difference between the footprint of a dik-dik and a Thomson’s gazelle? How about a leopard and a lion? There’s a special area set aside at the edge of camp where the guide will be able to show you which animals have wandered through the area.  There are always a few surprises!

    Afternoon Wildlife Viewing in the Eastern Serengeti Ecosystem

    Enjoy wildlife viewing this afternoon in the Eastern Serengeti Ecosystem. Be on the lookout for rarer species, such as the bat-eared fox and the smaller animals that are sometimes overlooked, such as the mongoose, hyrax, dik dik, and klipspringer.

    Morning Hike in the Eastern Serengeti Ecosystem

    Head out on a light hike this morning. The terrain will be fairly mild, but make sure that you have comfortable shoes with good traction. Being out on the plains on foot at this time of day is magical.

    Maasai Boma Visit

    Immerse yourself in the semi-nomadic culture of the Maasai by visiting a boma, which is a settlement of circular mud-and-dung Maasai homes. Many Maasai still roam the plains of northern Tanzania with their herds of cattle, maintaining their traditions while adapting to new ways of life.

    Maasai Storyteller

    Gather around to listen to a Maasai elder tell folktales, which are translated into English. The story is not planned in advance, and you will hear it exactly as it is traditionally told.

    Days 5-7

    Serengeti National Park

    Swahili Lessons

    Pick up a few useful Swahili expressions and words from your guide. Just trying out a few of them while on safari will make your experience all the more remarkable.

    Wildlife Viewing En Route to Your Nyumba

    Enjoy the journey to your next Nyumba camp, as there will be plenty to see along the way. Perhaps you will come across a chase between predator and prey; maybe you will spot a wake of vultures; or maybe you will be lucky enough to find a leopard relaxing high in the limbs of an acacia tree.

    Optional Visit to a FoTZC Project

    Focus on Tanzanian Communities (FoTZC) is Thomson’s sister non-profit organization that has worked on many successful projects in this area. Visit a school, teachers’ housing, or a medical dispensary that were all requested by the community and built by FoTZC. Learn a little bit about sustainability, how these projects are selected, and how they impact the community.

    Optional Serengeti Balloon Excursion

    A pre-dawn wake-up call leaves you time to drive to the balloon launch site in order to catch the most dramatic light. Then take to the skies just as the sun rises. Glide over the plains and acacia treetops, taking in spectacular views of the Seronera River Valley and the surrounding plains. After your descent, enjoy a magnificent champagne breakfast right in the midst of the Serengeti wilderness.

    Continue Your Exploration of the Serengeti

    Explore the pristine landscapes of the Serengeti with your guide’s uncanny wildlife spotting instincts leading the way. Expansive plains, rolling hills, dramatic granite outcrops and riverine valleys are home to an endless variety of fascinating creatures, from the lowly dung beetle to the impressive elephant.

    Bow and Arrow Demonstration

    An askari (watchman) from camp will demonstrate how to shoot the traditional, hand-made bow and arrow of the Ikoma people, who are known for their hunting prowess. Typically, the arrow points used by the Ikoma are covered in poison, but for demonstration purposes, safe, point-free arrows will be used. Everyone is encouraged to give it a try!

    Full Day of Wildlife Viewing in the Serengeti

    Spend the whole day wildlife viewing. Your guide will point out hidden animals, like leopard hiding in a tree or lion concealed by tall grass.

    Day 8

    Ngorongoro Conservation Area

    Special Tanzanian Dinner

    Enjoy a traditional Tanzanian dinner this evening. Rich with spices and fresh local vegetables, this is a chance to sample the best of local cuisine.

    Wildlife Viewing as You Depart the Serengeti

    As you follow the meandering path out of Serengeti National Park, take in the gorgeous scenery and wildlife viewing before moving on to the next part of your adventure.

    Visit Olduvai Gorge

    Make a short stop at Olduvai Gorge, a deep ravine and site of fossilized remains of animals and hominids that date as far back as two million years. A brief lecture and small museum tour are included.

    Days 9-10

    Ngorongoro Highlands

    Visit to the Floor of Ngorongoro Crater

    Visit the Ngorongoro Crater, where you are likely to find an abundance of wildlife. With luck, you might even see rhinoceros and big cats, such as lion and cheetah. The diversity of species often inspires awe, from baboons and elephants in the Lerai Forest to wildebeest and mountain reedbuck over the crater’s grassy floor.

    Gibb's Farm Tembo Fire

    Relax at the Tembo Fire, an open-air sitting area nestled at the foot of the organic gardens.

    Picnic Lunch on the Crater Floor

    To maximize your wildlife viewing time on the crater floor, enjoy your picnic lunch near a hippo pool.

    Pen Pals

    After months of anticipation, the meeting of pen pals often becomes a trip highlight. Kids can learn from each other’s cultures and interact in activities, from soccer to traditional arts and crafts.

    Lunch at Gibb's Farm

    Savor lunch at Gibb’s Farm, where nearly every ingredient comes fresh from the estate’s organic farm. With delicacies to suit every palate, this is sure to be a memorable meal.

    School Visit in the Ngorongoro Highlands

    Visit a primary school in the scenic Ngorongoro Highlands. Focus on Tanzanian Communities is supporting several projects at this school. You will meet with teachers and students and learn more about education in Tanzania.

    Day 11

    Leave Via Arusha

    Stop at Cultural Heritage Center

    Visit and shop at the Cultural Heritage Center.

    Farewell Lunch at Arusha Coffee Lodge

    Enjoy a special farewell lunch in Arusha as you prepare for your departure. Visit the adjoining Shanga workshop where physically challenged artisans create remarkable jewelry, learn glass-blowing, and sell their work.  This extraordinary project was created in order to mentor and empower those who are often marginalized in Tanzanian society.  You will be surprised and inspired by the quality and beauty of their creations.

  • Dates & Prices

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    Adult $9490
    Teen $9190
    Child $8490


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    Call for Availability
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    Adult $9490
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    Adult $9490
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    Adult $9490
    Teen $9190
    Child $8490


    Adult $9490
    Teen $9190
    Child $8490

    Additional Info

    Tanzania Imposed VAT

    Plus $380 Value Added Tax. As of July 1, 2016, Tanzania imposed a new Value Added Tax (VAT) on tourism activities.

    Small Group Supplement

    A supplement may apply to smaller groups. Please contact a Travel Consultant for more information.

    Single Supplement

    Single supplement starts at $1,000.

    Alumni Discount 

    If you are a returning Thomson guest, please subtract $500 per family from these prices.

    Price Includes

    All entrance fees, accommodations based on two to a room, land transportation, private bi-lingual guide throughout, and bottled water & snacks in the vehicle.

    Guaranteed departure. Small group surcharge may apply. Call us to discuss age recommendations for each destination. Prices are subject to change.

  • Hotels

    The Arusha Hotel

    Eastern Serengeti Nyumba

    Sitting on a slope of Moruga Hill, your Eastern Serengeti Nyumba overlooks a sweeping valley of wooded savanna, wide-open plains, and a remote wilderness like no other in Tanzania. With its signature style, the campsite provides the perfect place from which you can explore the Eastern Serengeti’s rolling hills and woodlands by foot or by vehicle and engage in authentic Maasai cultural programs. After your adventures, the Nyumba offers exquisite, environmentally responsible comforts and personalized care. En suite bathrooms have water-saving safari showers and self-contained, pump-flush toilets.

    Central Serengeti Nyumba

    Thomson’s signature Serengeti Nyumba is the perfect balance of luxury, comfort and wilderness. These tents were exclusively designed for Thomson Safaris and cannot be found anywhere else. In the spacious, walk-in tents, you will find all the comforts you need out in the bush: artfully crafted furnishings, cozy bedding with fine linens, solar-powered, eco-friendly lighting, and an en suite bathroom with shower and self-contained pump-flush toilet. We’ve taken special care to think of all the details that will make you comfortable during your stay without being excessive or leaving a heavy footprint on the landscape.

    Ngorongoro Nyumba

    This Nyumba is located at the rim of Ngorongoro Crater where it is poised for optimal access not only to the nearby cultural treasures, but also to the crater floor where you will experience exceptional wildlife viewing. The air here has a heavenly fresh scent, though the high elevation (about 7,200 feet) makes for potentially chilly nights. The exceptional camp crew will make sure you have everything you need to stay comfortable.

    Gibb's Farm

    Gibb’s Farm artfully blends nature, culture and eco-friendly amenities to provide what is sure to be a relaxing and memorable stay. Its newly updated cottages blur the line between indoor and outdoor living space, giving each guest unhindered access to one of the estate’s most stunning assets: its lush gardens. A gracious and attentive staff enhances the experience, offering cultural and historical insight and making sure all your needs are met.

    Day Room at The Arusha Hotel

    Thomson Family Adventures will attempt to adhere to this itinerary and its hotels as much as possible. However, certain conditions (political, climatic, environmental, cultural, or availability) may necessitate changes in the accommodations.

  • Why Thomson

    Friends Across Borders

    Your child will have a cultural connection like no other by meeting kids the same age from the country you’re traveling by playing games, throwing a Frisbee, kicking a ball around, or just chatting. Ask us about our pen pal program.

    Guaranteed Departures

    No matter what happens, once your family books a trip you’re going.


    Be accompanied for your entire trip by an expert local in-country guide who will know all of the ins and outs of the adventure and destination.

    Small Groups

    With a small group you’ll have plenty of time for spontaneity and to develop a connection with your fellow travelers and guide.

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