Peru: Amazon Extension

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    Did you know the Peruvian Amazon covers 60% of the country, and it’s the fourth largest rainforest in the world? So while you are ticking Machu Picchu off your bucket list, be sure to take your wildlife-loving family on to the forest. It’s both other-worldly and easily accessible. Plus, it’s completely different from anything else you’ll see while in Peru.

    Encounter Incredible Wildlife

    From creepy crawly critters to enormous mammals and stealthy cats the Peruvian Amazon is home to all kinds of crazy wonders. Have you ever seen pink toed tarantulas, armadillos, tiny poison dart frogs, giant river otters, howler monkeys, caimans, anacondas, sloths, piranhas, macaws, parrots, blue morphos, capybaras, pygmy marmosets, tapirs, king vultures, toucans, owls, leaf cutter ants?  Those are just some of the mammals, fish, reptiles, birds, and butterflies you’ll encounter.

    Paddle Dug-Out Canoes Through an Oxbow Lake

    Paddle dug-out canoes through an oxbow lake, a free-standing body of water formed when a stem of river is cut off. You’ll find giant river otters, turtles, monkeys, and maybe  even anacondas here.

    Hike Through the Amazon

    Through thick steamy forest and up on suspension bridges, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to explore high and low, accompanied by expert naturalist guides whose eyes and ears don’t miss a thing.

    Go Piranha Fishing

    Visit a black water creek and try your hand at catching piranha – they’re fast! You’ll also get an up-close look at caiman, a small member of the crocodile family – they like catching piranha too.

    Enjoy Eco Luxury in the Wilderness

    Who would think you could be deep in jungle, yet enjoy delicious food and comfortable accommodations? It makes it all the more fun to enjoy this family adventure without the crankiness of roughing it.

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