We’re a ‘World’s Best Tour Operator’ Again!

We were named one of Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best Tour Operators list yet again! We want to thank our guests who voted to make this possible.

This recognition means so much to us. Recipients aren’t picked by a panel of judges or critics. Travelers like you rated the nominees themselves, voting based on their trip’s staff, guides, itinerary, destinations, activities, accommodations, food and overall value. Our placement among the World’s Best is a sign that Thomson families truly are experiencing transformative, world-class travel.

We’re particularly touched our guests had us top of mind during the pandemic, when distractions abounded and travel plans were on hold everywhere. Your acknowledgement means the world to us.

Shoutout to Gibb’s Farm

Thomson Family Adventures wasn’t the only winner. For the fifth time, Gibb’s Farm was named one of Travel + Leisure’s Top 100 Hotels in the World, as well as one of the Best Safari Lodges in Africa.

Families on our Perfect Family Safari spend time at this luxurious eco-lodge, owned by Thomson founders Rick Thomson and Judi Wineland. We’re thrilled that it continues to delight our guests with some of the world’s best service, surroundings and accommodations.

Excellence Runs in the Family

We’re also excited to announce our sister company Thomson Safaris is celebrating its fifth time on Travel + Leisure’s World’s Best Safari Tours list.

Thomson Safaris was one of the first companies to provide transformative, conscientious safari travel in Tanzania when it launched in 1981. As a family-focused company, we are proud to see our sister company receive such high recognition. It’s further proof that every brand in the Thomson family is driven to provide exceptional experiences.