September 13, 2018

Is It Safe to Travel to Egypt With My Family?

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Egypt? For some people, the first thought is of the Great Pyramids of Giza and their majestic presence along the desert skyline or camels slowly meandering through the sand dunes of the desert, draped in colorful carpets and guided by heavily wrapped desert nomads. For others, the first thing that comes to mind when discussing Egypt is safety.

After the revolution in 2011, a cloud of safety concerns and travel warning darkness fell over this once busy traveler destination. For a few years, the nation was truly unsafe. But since the end of the revolution and reinstitution of a stable and organized government, this once “top-of-everyone’s-bucket-list” country has made its way back into the spotlight.

In fact, Egypt is the number one destination with the biggest year-over-year increase in international tourist arrivals with a 55.1% increase in just the last year, according to Travel and Leisure,. Yet, the question remains, is it safe to travel with my family to Egypt?

The answer? YES! It is on the same U.S. Travel Safety Advisory list as France, Spain and China! With normal traveler precautions taken, American families are safe in Egypt. Egypt is a country that will provide a warm welcome to anyone looking to respectfully learn of the culture, history, and breathtaking sights. The people are friendly, understanding and eager to share. Security in the airports and border crossings of Egypt is well established and has successful. Local crime has fallen steadily under the new government and police initiatives.

Most of all, Egyptians and international travelers, share a mutual respect for the ancient treasures spread across the nation and prioritize preserving such marvelous sights and artifacts. Local authorities put great effort in maintaining tourist areas safe and well maintained.

Any remaining concerns can be eased by traveling with a savvy, local guide. With Thomson, and our in-country partners, guides and drivers your family’s safety is the number one priority. Keeping harassing vendors away, staying in safe neighborhoods and teaching you all about what the reality of the current state of the country is. At Thomson, your Family is our Family, and we take traveler safety and concerns very seriously. We constantly monitor current news in the areas our travelers visit and assess accordingly. The only noticeable concern that has risen in the country is contained to the northern Sinai desert, which is simply avoided on all of our adventures.

Egypt itself is starting to make great strides in welcoming its new wave of adventurers, starting with the new Grand Egyptian Museum, to open a new era of tourism in Egypt. This modern and innovative complex will be partially opened in late 2018 and will include over 50,000 artifacts as well as the first exhibition of the full tomb collection of King Tutankhamun!