There are special challenges when a larger group travels together. We hope the following points will help you sort through some of the important considerations.

Where do you go?

No one group can easily agree on a destination, so try these ideas. If the grandparents are paying, they get to choose. If you’re celebrating a special event, the person of honor gets to choose. Otherwise shoot for the least ‘active’ denominator; it’s easier to add on excitement for those that want it than to take it away from those who don’t.

Do you need a guide?

A professional, who is local to the area, can cut hours of frustration off your vacation. They know where they’re going, and far more about local flora, fauna and history than you could imagine. A good guide is worth their weight in gold and enables you to just show up and have fun.

What will you do?

Other than exploring during the day, plan out your times together, but plan time apart too. Everyone needs their own space!

Where will you sleep?

A vacation home rental offers privacy. But keep in mind how close it is to attractions and activities. A hotel or resort may offer a variety of things to do on site but usually in the company of everyone else staying there too.

How will you ‘commute’?

Local transportation is essential and a challenge. Do you rent multiple vehicles? Use taxis? Hire a bus and driver, and how? Do you limit your experience and just stay at your villa, resort or hotel?

How do you all eat?

Deciding when and where to eat can be a tough challenge for a big family in a foreign destination. Research restaurants close to your accommodations and make your reservations well in advance.

As an alternative, you could find accommodations like villas or private homes that come with kitchens. This can be particularly fun if you’re situated near a market area. Keep in mind, shopping, cooking and cleaning will cut into your vacation time.

What will you eat?

Most destinations can handle food allergies and picky eaters as long as you communicate in advance with the staff but don’t expect the same choices you enjoy at home. Even peanut butter in another country doesn’t taste the same as peanut butter at home. Pack plenty of your favorite snacks,or the special gluten-free goodies you won’t find elsewhere.

Multigenerational Adventures

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Active trips revolve around multi-sport activities that keep your family outside and having fun! Your family will spend more time interacting with the elements and exploring than sitting on a beach or inside of a museum. These activities are not always physically demanding but they can be and do require a basic level of fitness.