We’re a team of travel professionals who have been to nearly every corner of the globe and love to talk about it. For our team travel isn’t just our work, it’s our passion.

Judi Wineland & Rick Thomson

Meet the Owners: Judi Wineland and Rick Thomson with their daughters Erica and Nicole.

Hailing from the U.S. and New Zealand, Judi and Rick have been offering travel to remote and exotic destination for over 35 years.  For them traveling with family is just  part of their DNA.

Nicole and Erica have joined the company and the Wineland-Thomsons continue to pride themselves on opening the hearts of their guests through travel.  But they are also passionate about the three dachshunds that accompany them to work each day: Benson, Conrad, and Nigel.

Beth O’Donnell

General Manager

With 31 countries under her belt, Beth has set a goal to visit at least one new place every year. To her, March is best time of year to travel, math is fun and admittedly remembers too much random information.

Christine Bowe

Team Lead - Family Travel Consultant

Thinks every family should visit South Africa, because, well, it’s awesome. Always travels with her fitbit (have to get those steps in) and wants to visit an aquarium in every state. When she’s not traveling, she’s watching reality TV with her black labs Brodie and Pierce.

Kelsey Bowe

Family Travel Consultant

She quickly fell in love with South Africa after visiting with her mom and sister, her two favorite travel companions. She tries to go to a local sporting event in every place she explores and will never turn down a fresh grilled cheese sandwich.

Kathy Russell

Family Travel Consultant

Kathy has a playlist for every adventure and enjoys taking the public bus (when it’s on time). She’s lived in the Caribbean, but right now, she’s drawn to the natural beauty and laidback culture of Baja California and Central America. One day, she hopes to hike the Appalachian Trail and visit every U.S. National Park.

Maria DiCenso

Team Lead - Trip Manager

Loves to spend her summers traveling in Central and South America and is working on visiting every country in those regions. She’s always interested in having a delicious bowl of sancocho or showing off her swing dancing moves. Always travels with a copy of Cars, her favorite film.

Na’ama Celine

Trip Manager

When she isn’t working on a jigsaw puzzle, rock climbing, or taking a nap, she’s exploring the world and collecting silly quotes she overhears. Her favorite time of year to travel is during the winter, preferably with her sister by her side. Her best travel advice: always have hand sanitizer.

Megan Murphy

Guest Relations

Having explored 93 countries, she only needs seven more to reach her lifetime goal of 100. She speaks Spanish whenever she gets the chance, loves all things Latino, and never turns down banana ice cream. One day she’ll climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with her favorite travel partners, her twin boys and husband.

Clark Gudas

Communications Specialist

Loves shakshuka with the eggs cooked so they melt in your mouth. Writes fiction set in Spain and watches Shakespeare in Canada. Hopes to see Machu Picchu, Chichen Itza and the ruins of ancient empires. Does not consider the board game Risk an acceptable stand-in for world travel.