If you are a one-parent family - or simply traveling without your spouse - you have special things to think about when you leave home, and you are not alone. We see lots of solo parents struggle with their own set of fears and concerns during the vacation planning phase. Luckily we’ve been around the block a few times and can help you navigate these waters!

Based on our experience and feedback we get from our solo-parent travelers, here are some important things to keep in mind.


When it’s just you handling the details everything takes more advance planning. If you need passports, remember for kids under 16 both parents and the child need to apply in person; though it’s acceptable to have a notarized letter from the absent parent, that might be just as time consuming. Passport rules can be found here; follow the same requirements for your travel and you’ll be all set.

Sleep, Schedule and Perks

You don’t have a co-parent with you to share responsibility. You never get a break – so don’t over-fill your schedule or wear yourself out. The less crabby you all are, the more fun you’ll have.

Safety and Security

Especially if you’re a mom, you’ll like the idea of traveling with others and having a local guide who knows the region. We know a common interest in the destination and experience promises a certain level of compatibility; both you and your kids will have good company, and that goes a long way towards reducing the pressure of ‘I have to do it all’.


“My daughter Sam and I first traveled with Thomson when she was six and a half. After eight trips to ten countries, we have memories that will last a lifetime. Thomson’s meticulous planning and well crafted itineraries can’t be beat”

– The Friedlander Family

“As a solo parent by choice, I was thrilled to find Thomson Family Adventures, a travel operator completely focused on helping families by all definitions. Over the years while traveling with Thomson, I could count on my assigned representative to be available to talk about every concern anytime I needed her: vaccinations, medications, exemptions, special documentation, weather, concerns about other families traveling with us, dietary restrictions. We consider Thomson a part of our extended family.”

– The Blitz Family 

“Not only does Thomson save solo parents time by researching and selecting the best (safe, reasonably priced) activities for families all over the world,  but the guides are locals, know the area inside and out, and can recommend itineraries to incorporate traveler requests for free time.  The guides make you feel secure about traveling alone with your kiddos, no matter what the adventure.” 

-The Stark Family

“The logistics of traveling with older children can be overwhelming when you are a solo parent. But with Thomson the decisions become easier, like what should we have for dinner and what wine goes best with this dish. The travel arrangements of getting from point A to point B are done. You can actually enjoy what you see and what is happening around you.”

-The Bowe Family