Incredible wildlife, amazing food, gripping sights – the wilds of any adventure can be filled with surprises! But not every surprise is a welcome one, and some can creep up before you ever set foot on the plane. That’s why we ask our guests to consider travel insurance.

After more than two decades in family travel, we’ve seen just about everything. Take for example:

Your Son’s Dream Internship

The parents whose son got a dream internship days before takeoff. With travel insurance, they recovered about $10,000 when he had to cancel.

Delayed Flights

The family whose flight was delayed by 3 days due to weather. A few calls later, they recovered about $2,000 for the days that went unused.

Family Emergency

The family who needed to cancel outright when an emergency kept them from travelling – that $36,000 expense was recovered in full.

Broken Bones

The daughter who broke her ankle before getting to Vietnam. Without insurance, her family lost the entire investment for her adventure to Vietnam and extension to Siem Reap – $16,500.

Our guests regularly call their trips a once-in-lifetime opportunity. Don’t put yours at risk!

We’ve received great feedback about Travel Guard – you can learn more about the benefits of travel insurance there.