The more family members that can join the adventure— the better! You can rent a villa in the hills of the jungle or all go on safari together. Family reunions are perfect to have everyone together to make the memories sweeter.

Family Reunions

Traveling with a large family is easier than it may sound, especially when you have a team of family travel experts that take care of all of the details for you. This is the perfect way for everyone – near and far – to learn, explore, hike, or bike together, and create family memories to last a lifetime.

Go Villa Style

Large families looking to travel as a unit have special demands that smaller groups don’t have. That’s why we created our villa style family reunion vacations. Stay under one roof and don’t sacrifice any of the full experience that you get when you travel with us.

Family Reunion Tour Ideas

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7 days

Activity Level


Active trips revolve around multi-sport activities that keep your family outside and having fun! Your family will spend more time interacting with the elements and exploring than sitting on a beach or inside of a museum. These activities are not always physically demanding but they can be and do require a basic level of fitness.