• What is group family travel?

    In short, group family travel with Thomson Family Adventures is a pre-set itinerary on a pre-determined date that multiple families can sign up to travel on. It’s a great way to meet new people and make new friends. If your family would rather travel by themselves that’s no problem, a custom trip may be best for you.

  • How large are the groups?

    We specialize in small group travel. We find small groups are best because it leaves room for spontaneity and makes it easier for families to bond with one another and with fellow travelers. Guides can give more attention to each individual and allow for smoother logistics. Our guests always travel in groups smaller than 20 people.

  • What is a Rafiki?

    Rafiki is the Swahili word for ‘friend.’ All of our adventures with eight travelers or more come with a Rafiki whose main focus will be getting the kids to socialize together through games, learning the local language, and learning about the local plants and wildlife.

  • Who do we travel with?

    You’ll travel with like-minded families with the same destination and activity interests as you! We work hard to match families of similar ages but sometimes the group will have varying ages. There’s a good chance you’ll all be best friends by the end – but even if that is not the case, your shared interest in your adventure will ensure a successful dynamic. There will also be a guide on hand to ‘break the ice’ among the group and make sure everyone is having fun!

  • Where will we stay?

    Mainly in hotels and lodges. Some of our adventures are built along remote areas where options can be limited, and hotel ratings are impossible to assign. You will always be in a clean, comfortable, family friendly spot, located to minimize travel time to nearby sites and activities.

  • What do we do for meals?

    In most of our destinations the dining experience is a long process and we work hard to minimize this ‘interruption’ to your day. For this reason many meals are pre-ordered so we do less sitting and waiting. In all cases, and also for budget purposes, there is a fixed menu to choose from, usually with fish, meat, and vegetarian options. If you prefer to be seated and order off a full menu, perhaps a custom trip is best for you.

  • Do we need to tip?

    On group trips we include the ‘miscellaneous’ tipping for meals, porters, hotel staff, and activities; your guide will take care of these expenses. You will be given guidelines for tipping your guide, driver, and Rafiki (if applicable) but keep in mind this is a personal decision – there is no right or wrong to tipping. If you feel anyone along the way has delivered exceptional service you should feel free to tip in addition to what is included.

  • How do we get around?

    This can vary by destination, but all of the vehicles we use are clean, comfortable, and air conditioned, and have plenty of room for you and luggage. There may be drives of 3-hours or more; these are always broken up by stopping for activities along the way. Please ask about the specific destination for details.

  • What is included in the cost?

    A pre-departure specialist that answers any and all questions you have before you depart, a private guide that takes care of every detail of the trip from the moment they pick you up at the airport, a Rafiki with most groups of eight or more, all of your hotels (including tax and service charges), private transfers, ground transportation, local flights, most meals (varies by itinerary), snacks and water, all of your activities, and any entrance fees to parks or museums.. Basically, everything. You won’t come home to any miscellaneous charges on your credit card.