March 31, 2020

A Letter from Our President

Photo: Simon Migaj

Dear All,

What a month it has been.

Like you, we are shocked at how quickly the world has changed in response to COVID-19. And like you, we have been watching, waiting and adjusting our course as events unfolded.

For over 20 years of operation, we’ve faced many challenging events that threatened our ability to help people travel. And after every challenge, international travel has always bounced back in full swing. While we strongly believe it will do so again, we can’t ignore the fact that this moment is unprecedented and there is a lot of uncertainty.

Here is one thing we know for sure: nothing is more powerful than hope.

Hope is what keeps our employees working tirelessly for our guests, setting up desks at kitchen tables and taking phone calls in the company of children and pets. Hope is what keeps us listening, bonding, loving and imagining in ways that never seemed possible before. Hope is what keeps us dreaming of our bucket list adventures around the world, even when we can’t venture beyond our front doors.

In a time when travel is what many of us are wishing for most, our passion to connect you with the world is stronger than ever.

If we could, we’d whisk you away to the endless plains of the Serengeti or Costa Rica’s lush rainforests. But for now, we’ll continue to share some of our favorite videos, photos and resources on Facebook and Instagram to help invoke that same feeling. It’s one small way we’re hoping to keep the dream of international travel alive right now.

Whether you traveled with us decades ago or are new to our community, you’re a part of our family. So let’s navigate this unknown the way families do: by sharing, leaning on each other, staying open and staying connected.

From our family to yours,

Ina Steinhilber

President of Wineland-Thomson