March 7, 2011

Top 10 reasons – Why Thomson Family Adventures?

A Family Reunion to Remember

Who are we you might ask? Well, let us tell you what makes us so great. And fun too.

1) We were the first company to champion the spirit of family adventure travel. Not just inviting the kids along on an adult trip, but really figuring out how it works best so all ages can try new things, and love every minute together. It’s our specialty, it’s all we live and breathe.

2) No voice mail, phone banks, or complicated calling options. Just real live people ready to help you.

3) We offer a limited number of destinations – about a dozen. We know them intimately and regularly visit them ourselves. When you call Thomson Family Adventures you can always speak with a knowledgeable person who will help you choose the right adventure for your family.

4) We’ve chosen these destinations because of what they have to offer in the way of interesting landscapes, history, wildlife, and culture – and because they are places you probably won’t be able to navigate off the beaten path, or really get to know without one of our guides leading the way. But we can show you an amazing time!

5) We work with local colleagues in each of our destinations. Part of our mission is to support those communities by employing people who live there, and supporting their schools and businesses. We visit them, they visit us. We’re like family! We work especially closely with our guides, ensuring you the best English speaking, family friendly leaders.

6) When you travel with us it’s not a tour, it’s a family adventure experience. Anyone can plan an itinerary outline – but what do you get between the lines?

7) We offer travel in small groups (15 – 20 people) of like minded people, all families, during all school vacation weeks as well as through the summer months. We have no minimums, and will not cancel a departure for ‘under enrollment’. When you make reservations with us, your family plans are secure.

8) (once again, the #8 is a smiley face, and I don’t know why…) We are also the experts at planning your personal, private adventure for any size group . Anything from a huge family reunion, to an intimate family getaway. We can create the right trip for you, for any age from infancy on up.

9) We’re easy on your time. We take care of you from the moment you land in-country, until you leave again for home. Every detail, every logistic, every question, every activity, every bottle of water – all taken care of. You just show up and have a great time.

10) This isn’t just an adventure – you’ll learn things too (shhh, you might not want to advertise this). Your kids will write ahead to pen pals and meet those children when you travel. You’ll discover how other people live in this world. You’ll come away enriched for having blended with another culture, if only for a week. It might even just change your life.

11) (Sorry, I ran over!) We always include trip cancellation insurance at no additional cost.