October 9, 2018

Why Visiting Morocco With Kids Is a Great Idea

There is an opportunity to learn at every turn!

Visiting Morocco with kids is full of new discoveries for kids and adults alike. Whether its hearing about the origins of the national drink, Mint Green Tea, or the culture of the native Berber people, there is no end to what can be learned in this country. All sorts of interests and studies can be explored, from the Muslim religion to the history and function of the ancient port cities along the Atlantic coast. By the time you leave Morocco you will be a real expert! And your kids won’t be able to wait to share all they have learned with their friends.

Diverse activities to keep everyone entertained

There are very few places on this earth where you can ride a camel and take a surfing lesson on the same beach! One of those places is Morocco! Because the country has such diversity in its landscapes, from mountains, to deserts, to beaches, there is no end to the possibilities. On the Thomson Morocco Family Adventure your kids will get to experience all sorts of activities and never feel bored. You will be active with hiking and biking. You will feel relaxed with tea demonstrations and strolls through markets. You will be engaged with art classes and city walking tours.

Safety, safety, safety!

Visiting Morocco with kids is considered very safe. After all, Morocco is one of the safest nations in the world. It holds one of the safest ranking of the U.S. State Departments Travel Advisory list. It has good relations with all its neighbors and crime within the county is regulated with no noticeable effect on tourism. And for the parents who feel concerned no matter where they travel with their children, there is the added security of a local and experienced guide to lead you through this magnificent country seamlessly.

Moroccan culture has a special love and respect for children

Morocco is a family-centered nation. Most locals grow up in large, friendly families and there for are very welcoming and warm to family travelers. It has just become a part of the local culture, Moroccans love kids! Don’t be surprised by how often you may be stopped by a local mother with her child excited to meet travelers from other places and learn about their lives as kids elsewhere. Your kids may even get a few hugs and pats on the head from locals just happy to see more kids!

Easy transition into a new culture (try new foods, or don’t!)

While Moroccan food is an amazing culinary experience on its own, there are lots of hidden familiarities with the meals that make it a little less daunting for the picky eater. Many traditional Moroccan Tajine meals include potatoes, carrots and couscous (tiny pasta bits) as a staple. And bread is served on the side of almost every meal. No worries, if your kids are still a little wary of what’s in front of them, more Western and American food are common and easily found, which makes visiting Morocco with kids even easier.