April 1, 2019

5 Recipes With the Flavors of Thailand

We love food, let’s make that clear. One cool thing about traveling is the food; an even cooler thing is kids who are open to trying new things.

Thai food is often served with fiery red peppers in or near the dish (don’t make the mistake of popping one in your mouth!). But often its flavors are gentle and soothing with the familiar scent of peanuts or coconut. This makes it an excellent cuisine to introduce to your family — you can keep the spice on the side!

While you’re waiting for your Thailand family adventure, why not familiarize yourself with these favorites now?

Pad Thai
You may have heard of this international favorite. In Thailand it’s a street food not often made at home, but we would eat it every day if we could. Made with rice noodles, soy and your favorite protein (Chicken? Shrimp? Tofu?) mixed with cool crunchy bean sprouts and sprinkled with crushed peanuts and tangy lime juice — it can be fast to whip up AND gluten free.

Tom Kha Gai or Chicken Coconut Soup
This soup is super easy to make. You’ll just need to search your local Asian market for a few ingredients you may not have on hand, like galangal and lemon grass. They’re not too hard to find so don’t be discouraged! Once you have them, simply mix together with coconut milk and simmer with chicken. Add some fish sauce, lime and chiles – if you wish – and serve on its own or with steaming jasmine rice. Mmmmmm!

Gaeng Karee Gai or Thai Yellow Curry with Chicken
This is a fragrant coconut milk-based curry with chicken and potatoes. You can make your own yellow curry, but it’s simple to find at the store if you’re in a hurry.

Som Tum or Green Papaya Salad
Sweet, sour, spicy and tangy all bundled up together – maybe this is an acquired taste but those who love it can’t get enough. The bland papaya soaks up the flavors of chiles, palm sugar, lime and fish sauce, and chopped peanuts add a delightful crunch. Pucker up!

Chicken Satay
Though this delicious treat originated in Indonesia, we think of it as Thai. Doesn’t everyone love chicken satay? Simple marinated and skewered chicken appeals even to picky eaters, and it’s your choice to dip it into a tangy peanut sauce. Here’s a super simple recipe you can have for dinner tonight!

ทานให้อร่อยนะครับ/คะ (thaan hai aroi na khrap/kha) means …. Bon appetit!