July 28, 2014

Shopping at the “Mercado” in Cusco, Peru

Here’s another post from the Gamel family’s year around the world:

Whenever you are visiting another country, make sure to visit the local “Mercado” or market. This is different from the “super-mercado” or supermarket, which is essentially a grocery store. The Mercado is filled with local booths selling everything from produce, meats, nuts, cheese, rice, beans, bread, pasta, textiles, and even grocery items.

The Mercado is the place to save some money and experience the local culture. During our most recent visit, our weekly groceries were half the price compared to the local supermarket. The Mercado also had a better selection. Imagine tables of cheese and fresh produce. The Mercado is also a great place to meet the local people. We had a wonderful conversation with one of the lovely local merchants at the Mercado. She was kind enough to allow us to take her picture for use in the blog after we bought apples, strawberries, and coconuts from her. The Mercado was also a great place for Chris and the kids to practice their Spanish when negotiating with the local merchants. This is the real Peru!

In Cusco, the Mercado is open every day and located only one block from the apartment we are renting. Shopping has never been easier or more enjoyable. We all look forward to our next adventure shopping at the Mercado!