June 15, 2018

Why Take a Galapagos Family Cruise?

One of the best ways to explore the Galapagos Islands is by taking a small boat cruise. Since there are 18 main islands, three small islands, and 107 islets that make up the Galapagos Islands, cruising is the best way to get around. Plus, on a small boat your family will have an intimate and adventurous experience. Here are a few more reasons to take a Galapagos Islands cruise!

You Will Have One Room to Call Home

The biggest advantage to taking a Galapagos family cruise is that you’ll stay in the same place during your adventure. You don’t have to pack and unpack to move to different hotels on different islands. This is one detail that almost every family enjoys. The less moving around you do also means fewer opportunities for your kids to forget something. It’s always nice to have a home base while you explore and a boat can provide that for you.

You Will Visit More Islands

When you stay on a boat, your home is also your transportation! This makes it easier to see more islands during your Galapagos family cruise. You can go to sleep docked at one island and wake up docked at a new one. An added benefit of exploring more islands is seeing more wildlife. There are many species of bird, reptile, and mammal that are specific to one island. It also increases your chances of seeing all of the animals that can be found on multiple islands. Seeing the wildlife is why families travel to the Galapagos Islands. You should give yourself the best chance to do that!

You Will Have Wonderful Accommodations

Many of the boats that cruise the Galapagos Islands are comfortable and offer several amenities on board. You can find boats that have family lounge areas, kayaking and snorkeling equipment, sun decks, world class dining, and rooms with panoramic views. But there are a lot of different options available to cruise the Galapagos and not every boat will offer the same experience. You’ll want to make sure that you find one that is family friendly, up-to-date, and reliable.

You Will Have A Sense of Adventure

There is a true sense of adventure when sailing on the high seas. Often you’ll leave your boat for a smaller motorized boat that will take you ashore to an island with no inhabitants that is teeming with wildlife. Like modern day explores you’ll hike trails to fantastic viewpoints, snorkel with penguins and sea lions, and hear tales of adventurers of the past. Taking on this voyage at sea is fun, exciting, and something that you and your kids will never forget!