January 29, 2018

9 Reasons Kids Should Travel

One of the most important reasons for families to travel is because it’s fun! But even more important than how much fun it is, there are endless opportunities for kids to learn and grow. Travel can open their world to new foods, cultures, knowledge, and experiences that aren’t available in a classroom. Travel can also increase affection towards family members, lead to better behavior, and reduce the amount of time spent worrying. Here are a few more reasons kids should travel.

1. Travel is Learning

There is no better way to learn about the history of China or the ruins of Pompeii than to be there. Evolution and Darwinism take on a whole new meaning while exploring the Galapagos Islands. While you travel you can’t help but learn about other cultures, places, people, and your place in the world. This type of learning through living helps shape a world view larger than what can be taught in a classroom.

2. Travel Presents New Opportunities

When you’re traveling new opportunities present themselves daily. There is always a chance to say yes to something new. Giving an elephant a snack, camping in the Serengeti, or eating from food stalls in Vietnam are all new and exciting experiences that kids will love.

3. Travel Inspires Curiosity and Adventure

Kids are curious to begin with and travel will open them up to a whole new world of questions. It can also help wake up their imagination and encourage them to play in creative ways. They’ll be excited to explore places like Machu Picchu and then ask questions to learn about the ancient and abandoned city.

4. Travel Creates Opportunities to be Brave

Not every kid jumps into the ocean to swim with friendly sea lions or steps off a platform to zip-line to another tree without hesitation. By presenting these activities during a vacation, it gives them a great environment to move beyond their comfort zone and challenge themselves in a new way. The confidence that they’ll gain is priceless.

child zip-lining on a family vacation

5. Travel Improves Ability to Learn in School

According to the University of Georgia, students who studied abroad saw increased grades upon returning to the classroom. The Wagner Group found similar results. Adults that took educational trips as children not only got better grades in school, but were more likely to have a college degree and a higher income compared to those that didn’t travel. Simply put, travel encourages learning and makes kids want to learn.

6. Travel Makes Kids More Adaptable

When you travel and spend time in international countries and cities, you don’t have the same amenities as you do at home. Even things like peanut butter usually won’t taste the same! Through travel kids will be able to adapt and have fun while they do. This is a quality that will benefit them throughout their lives.

7. Travel Provides a New Sense of Responsibility

Packing their bags and making sure they have all of their things when switching to a new camp or hotel instills a sense of responsibility in kids that they may not have on a daily basis. You can even give them more responsibility by getting them involved in the trip planning. This is a great way to have them invested in your family vacation and feel responsible for how much fun it turns out to be.

8. Travel is a Break from Technology

Often when traveling internationally, access to the internet isn’t readily available. It’s the perfect way to take in the world around you and watch for animals on a hike or daily life passing by opposed to a screen. This break from screen time is mentally rejuvenating and encourages kids to become active members in the world around them.

kids traveling on a family vacation

9. Travel Opens Minds

Experiencing a new culture and a different way of life opens kids up to develop a profound sense of understanding and respect. When kids get to meet local kids in the places they travel and play games together an amazing thing happens. They build bonds and friendships despite cultural and linguistic boundaries. You’re never too young to open your mind to respect and understanding.

At Thomson Family Adventures we place a focus on fun and learning through travel. Take a look at our adventures and start planning your next family vacation today!