December 8, 2014

Bariloche: Chocolate and Vistas

While we have enjoyed every place we have visited during our round the world trip, Bariloche, Argentina currently holds the favorite spot in our hearts. Not only was it a beautiful, clean city with charming architecture and breathtaking, panoramic views, it is also a chocolate lover’s haven.

Bariloche is one of those places where you can do nothing or do everything. There are ample hiking, horseback riding, kayaking, and mountain biking opportunities amongst the trails in the mountain forest and around the lakes. One of our favorite hikes was around Cerro Otto, where we took a cable car up to the mountain. We also hiked the trails around Hotel Llao Llao, which also offered stunning views.

I have to admit, my favorite part of Bariloche was the chocolate. A group of Swiss families came to Bariloche many generations ago, and they brought their chocolate recipes with them. Some of the chocolate shops that line the streets of Bariloche have been around for seventy years. They have spent that time perfecting their chocolate recipes and the results are evident upon first taste. We ate chocolate every day while we were in Bariloche. Sometimes we ate it in the form of a dessert, other times as a truffle, or in a drink. Even though the city has so many activities to offer the adventure-seeking traveler, my favorite thing to do was to go to a coffee shop to eat chocolate and enjoy a cup of coffee.

Bariloche, and Argentina in general, left me a feeling of wanting more. I want to come back and explore the country further. Chris and I feel like we barely scratched the surface of traveling in Argentina, and we both want to visit Bariloche again some day. No other country we have visited so far has had this pulling effect on us. It may have been the amazing vistas…or it may have been the chocolate.