December 12, 2018

7 Gifts that Give Back

We think one of the coolest gifts is taking your family on a life-changing adventure to an eye-popping destination. These six ideas for presents and stocking stuffers aren’t just great gifts for a loved one; they benefit good causes, too.

1. Drill a Well, Help a School, Empower Women

In the rural plains of northern Tanzania, Focus on Tanzanian Communities helps villages drill wells and build facilities for schools. It also helps women start environmentally-friendly businesses.

Families visiting Tanzania with us often visit schools in the FoTZC network and meet some of the entrepreneurial women.


2. Give a Hero Gift 

You may not know how smart and friendly rats are (they make great pets too!). So meet our new friends APOPO and the HeroRATs. Trained rats detect hidden land mines so they can be safely removed, saving countless farmers from disability and death. Help an important family cause – we support the Cambodia office as part of our Siem Reap extension.

3. Adopt a Reindeer

In the Highlands of Scotland lives a free roaming herd of reindeer. Really! They have names like Siloch, Koro, Houdini, and Ost, each with a personality and easily recognizable. Adoption of one handsome animal helps support their wild lifestyle in the beautiful Cairngorm Mountains, including food and medical upkeep. When you visit Scotland you’ll be able to hug your reindeer!


4. Kid’s Fun and Education

With all kinds of tools for smart and creative children Yoobi offers a delectable collection of fun doo-dads from pencils and erasers to backpacks and lunch packs. Then, they donate equally to a classroom in need right here in the U.S.




5. Building Monkey Bridges

Costa Rica was one of our first family adventures, and we love it still today. Kids Saving the Rainforest is a nonprofit we love, notably for their building of aerial bridges so monkeys can safely cross roads and highways. If your little monkeys prefer sloths, you can sponsor a baby sloth to be rehabilitated into the wild. Toucans, marmosets, kinkajous and more – all needing our help so we can see them in their natural habitat on our next trip to Costa Rica.


6. Yummies, Crafts and Livestock from Heifer International

Where can you go to buy delicious chocolates and goats and chickens? Browse through a beautiful catalog for stocking stuffers for your family, donate livestock to a family in need or choose an educational opportunity for children who have no resources. It’s a great chance to help families around the globe and not add stuff to your shelf!

7. Or Buy Anything You Want Using Amazon Smile

Maybe your family isn’t into reindeer and HeroRats. Head to Amazon Smile, where you can buy anything you want and give a portion of the proceeds to a charity of your choice. Join in at and search for your favorite cause.