March 9, 2011

Travel Excitement. Or is it Anxiety?

Suitcase in Process

I am getting ready to travel to Baja California on Friday. I am excited because it is a Thomson Family Adventure, and we well know how much fun that is. I am excited because I get to travel with some of our families, and I love meeting new people. I get to re-visit Mexico, where I haven’t been in a long time! I am thrilled because my daughter Mira is coming with me, and it will be her 21st birthday next week. But oh, does it drive me crazy getting ready to leave town….

I begin to think about finally getting my life in order – I don’t mean Final Plans, but things like getting those clothes to GoodWill, or cleaning out the closets. Reorganizing the basement and garage. Finishing some of those art projects. Getting the house spotless, once and for all. Can I get ALL the laundry done and put away, just for once?

Does anyone know what I am referring to?

And I go bonkers at work too… what about those new ideas I’ve been meaning to implement, or the file drawer the mice took over last year that I have never quite reclaimed? Maybe now I can finally tackle it. Know what I mean?

But no, it is just anxiety that follows me around. I never manage to become more productive or to discover more hours in the day. In between worrying about the dog and getting clean sheets on the bed I somehow manage to pack my suitcase and find my passport . But the bathroom could still use a good scrubbing, and you can be sure the children I am leaving behind won’t get to that while I’m gone. So I guess I’ll just have to surrender to the reality of a full and often chaotic life, and remember I can love it just the way it is.

But I have about 45 hours ’til flight time – how much more do you think I can get done? What would you be up to?