March 3, 2011

Glorious Alaska

Glacial ice floating by…

Weary of winter? Me too. So I find it odd that I have been dreaming about Alaska, which brings up memories of glaciers and icy water. But in fact Alaska may be a milder winter than mine this year – and it has a delightful climate in its high tourist season of June through August. Since that is such a small window, let me tell you – it fills up fast.

Now I know, everyone has gotten used to holding out until the last minute. Maybe you can’t make up your mind. Maybe you are hoping for a ‘sale’. Maybe you are waiting to hear about Aunt Julie’s schedule. But while we were all sitting back figuring we can do it manana, others are scooping the best space. Truth is, the airlines are not offering last minute sales, and neither are the special and unique destinations. So do yourself a favor and plan now.

Why choose Alaska? It is one of the most beautiful places on earth, and so much of it still rugged and remote. So untouched. So pristine. With forest and coastline, glaciers and mountains think of all you can do. Dogsled. Kayak. Raft. Fish. Hike. Bike.

But those glaciers are melting, and look different every year. Plan now.

How do you want to see Alaska? There are big ships that cruise off the coast…don’t forget your binoculars so you can see to land! Beware the seemingly low price – each excursion to get in closer to shore can cost a bundle.

Our preferred method is a small ship, and our choice this year carries just 49 passengers. Large enough to be comfortable – and in fact it is newly refurbished and downright fabulous – it is also small enough to slip into the remote corners of the Inside Passage. Go where few can wander. What will you see? Glaciers. Moose. Bear. Bald eagles. Sea otters. Whales galore! Wolverine? Maybe even wolverine.

What will you do every day? Not just watch from the deck, but you’ll jump into the action. You’ll kayak. Hike. Paddle board. Swing Tarzan style from the boat into the frigid water, if you dare. Try fishing. Or relax on deck and enjoy the scenery, even late at night – there is almost 24 hours of daylight!

Our Thomson group will have the guidance of the on-board naturalists, and the exclusive attentions of our energetic and creative mentor too. Oh, and trip insurance is always included at no additional charge when you book with us.

If you are also interested in traveling deep into Denali National Park – it is almost a full day’s drive from the entrance to the lodge! – we can make arrangements for this extension, and more. Maybe you’d like a helicopter tour to the glaciers for dog sledding, or a trip to watch bear feast on salmon. All is based on availability, so don’t delay – call us now at 800-262-6255

Alaska is a glorious adventure!