Italy: Rome, Florence & Venice

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    Your family will spend most of your time relaxing and not expending too much energy. These adventures are easy! Every member of your family will be comfortable and able to take part in this adventure no matter their fitness level.
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    7 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 5 dinners

    Come explore Italy and see the most exciting, historic, and famous sites in the country. On this Italy family vacation you’ll travel to Rome, Florence, and Venice to see the places and hear the stories that have shaped history.

    Travel by High Speed Rail

    Travel from city to city in an easy, comfortable, and quick fashion by high speed rail. This is not only a fun way to see the countryside but also allows your family maximum time to explore!

    Explore Rome

    From the dusty halls of the Colosseum where gladiators once battled as entertainment to making wishes at the Trevi Fountain, you’ll see all that the sites the city has to offer!

    Discover Florence

    Your family will see the works of art, sculpture, and architecture that line the cobblestone streets of the city at the heart of the Italian renaissance.

    Ride Down the Canals of Venice

    Take your family aboard a gondola and explore the striking and beautiful city of Venice on its intricate and famous canal system.

    Private Tour of the Sistine Chapel

    On a private tour, walk through ornate halls until you reach the most famous ceiling in the world inside of the Sistine Chapel.

  • Itinerary

    Day 1

    Fly to Italy

    Days 2-4


    Explore Rome

    One of the most exciting parts of Rome is its long and storied history! We’ll explore some of the most famous places in the Eternal City. We’ll walk through the dusty halls of the Colosseum where gladiators once reigned supreme, the Roman Forum where politicians debated on how to run empires, and see two of the most famous seven hills of Rome, Palatine and Capitoline Hill.

    Treasure Hunt Around Rome

    Hit the famous streets of Rome for an entertaining and fun treasure hunt. Our clues will take us to the Trevi Fountain, Piazza di Spagna, Piazza Navona and other sites that give the city its old world charm! There’s no better way to see these sites while not only having fun, but also learning about them along the way.

    Discover the Vatican Museum

    Leave Italy for a moment and go to Vatican City, which is its own country! On a private tour of the Vatican we’ll walk through its striking halls, learn about its deep history, and gaze upon some of the most famous works of art in the world. Your family will always remember looking up at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel together!

    Appian Way Bike Ride

    As we hop on bikes, we’ll cycle down the famous Appian Way. The first portion of this road was built in the year 312 B.C. to transport military supplies from Rome to the south. Over the next thousands of years the road was extended and used for all types of transport. We’ll ride past different monuments and historic sites during this adventure.

    Days 5-7


    Explore Florence

    Florence is teeming with classic works of art from the sculptures that adorn the city to the architecture that shapes it. As we travel though the city we’ll learn about the artists and patrons that transformed Florence into the heart of the Italian renaissance. We’ll see the Duomo, Palazzo Pitti, Piazza della Signoria, Ponte Vecchio, and much more during this walk.

    Pizza and Gelato Cooking Class

    Learn to make some of the most famous Italian culinary exports, pizza and gelato! With a chef leading the way, we’ll toss dough in the air, spread tomato sauce, and sprinkle cheese on our very own pizza creations. We’ll also learn the ins and outs of making delicious gelato. The best part is when we’ll get to taste our wonderful creations!

    Visit Oltrarno

    We’ll take a trip to the less traveled bank of the Arno River to explore the neighborhood of Oltrarno. This historic neighborhood was, and still is, the center of artisan and craft workshops. Touted as one of the most authentic parts of Florence, your family will be able to find high quality work of any handicraft from making paper to creating mosaics.

    Walk Through Lucca

    We’ll discover the charming Tuscan city of Lucca. As we walk through the Renaissance walls that separate the historic center from the rest of the city we’ll be transported back in time. The well-preserved city has kept its classic personality intact through centuries of change. We’ll walk along the beautiful Medieval Via Fillungo, see the Tower of the Clock and the Duomo San Martin, and visit one of the most beautiful squares in Italy, Piazza dell’Anfiteatro.

    Explore Pisa

    There is a lot to see and explore in the wonderful city of Pisa. Our exploration will take us to little known sites and world famous sites. We’ll visit the Baptistery and the Leaning Tower as we learn about the history of the city.

    Days 8-9


    Gondola Ride

    Venice is famous for its canals and its gondolas. Taking a ride in one of these famous small boats is the best way to explore the city’s canals. This gives everyone a chance to experience Venice from a different viewpoint. Kids always have fun riding the gondola and may even be able to help drive!

    Glassworks Class

    While on Murano, we’ll visit a glass factory and meet an expert glass master. After a demonstration in glass blowing and sculpture technique, we’ll have a chance to join the fun! We’ll have a choice of creating a piece of jewelry or a mosaic using authentic Murano glass. No souvenir will ever be able to compare!

    Explore Venice on Your Own

    Head into Venice and explore any parts of the city that you’d like. Relax in Piazza San Marco, visit Saint Mark’s Basilica, walk to the Bridge of Sighs, or look for any of the other beautiful sites in the city.

    Day 10

    Depart / Arrive home

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  • Hotels

    Villa Pinciana

    Set in exclusive neighborhood of Via Veneto, the Villa Pinciana is a great place to explore Rome from! Located in the middle of the city, this hotel is only a short walk from the Spanish Steps, the Trevi Fountain, Villa Borghese, cafes, restaurants, and shopping. The hotel is modern but keeps its old world charm set in a quiet, statuesque palazzo dating back over 100 years. With a friendly and helpful staff, clean, comfortable, and spacious rooms, free Wi-Fi, and air conditioning the Villa Pinciana has everything your family needs for a wonderful stay in Rome!

    Hotel Executive

    Hotel Tornabuoni is housed in two elegant Renaissance palaces, Palazzo Minerbetti and Palazzo Strozzi del Poeta, in the heart of Florence’s historical center. The hotel is located in a key location right near the Piazza della Signoria, the Duomo, the Ponte Vecchio and more. An exclusive 4-star hotel and five minutes walking from Santa Maria Novella train station, the location cannot be beat. The hotel has a reading room, bar, and unique rooms each inividually decorated with frescoes, antique furniture, fine tapestries and modern amenities. All rooms are equipped with satellite TV, telephone, minibar, safe, air conditioning, heating and free Wi-Fi.

    Hotel Savoia e Jolanda

    Overlooking St. Mark’s Basin, in the heart of the Venice Lagoon, Hotel Savoia & Jolanda boasts a centuries-old tradition of hospitality. It combines the charm of a Venetian palace with luxury and the most advanced services, like free Wi-Fi, SKY and satellite TV, and a boat available for guests.

    Thomson Family Adventures will attempt to adhere to this itinerary and its hotels as much as possible. However, certain conditions (political, climatic, environmental, cultural, or availability) may necessitate changes in the accommodations.

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What Travelers are Saying

Italy is such a wonderful destination filled with warm people, great food and incredible history. Many of us have been there without our kids, and now it is time to take them to see some of this wonder.

Jim Kackley

Founder of Thomson Family Adventures

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Active trips revolve around multi-sport activities that keep your family outside and having fun! Your family will spend more time interacting with the elements and exploring than sitting on a beach or inside of a museum. These activities are not always physically demanding but they can be and do require a basic level of fitness.
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Active trips revolve around multi-sport activities that keep your family outside and having fun! Your family will spend more time interacting with the elements and exploring than sitting on a beach or inside of a museum. These activities are not always physically demanding but they can be and do require a basic level of fitness.