Italy Family Adventure: Venice, Florence & Rome

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    9 days

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    Your family will spend most of your time relaxing and not expending too much energy. These adventures are easy! Every member of your family will be comfortable and able to take part in this adventure no matter their fitness level.

    8 breakfasts, 6 lunches, 5 dinners

    Come explore Italy and see the most exciting, historic, and famous sites in the country. On this Italy family vacation you’ll travel to Venice, Florence and Rome to see the places and hear the stories that have shaped history.

    Ride a Gondola in Venice

    Take your family aboard a gondola and explore the striking and beautiful city of Venice on its famous canal system. You’ll visit a boatyard where gondolas are built and learn about the people who keep Venice afloat!

    Ascend the 414 Steps of Florence’s Duomo Cathedral

    Florence’s red-tiled Duomo is unmistakable–white, green and pink marble facades support an enormous dome that rises above the rest of the city. Climb the 414 steps to the top of the bell tower, stopping for breaks along the way to survey the Florentine horizon. At the top, take in a stunning view over one of the most important Renaissance cities of Italy.

    Explore Rome

    The Colosseum, the Forums, the Catacombs, Trevi Fountain and more amazing sights await in this legendary city. All the while your family will take in the daily rhythms of Roman life: picturesque streets, people strolling the piazzas and fashionable groups enjoying the dolce vita.

    Make Authentic Italian Pasta in a Private Cooking Class

    With your own personal chef leading you, learn how to make delicious pasta and pizza in a fun, educational cooking class. No prior skills necessary! Feast on your creations for lunch.

    Visit the Vatican and See the Sistine Chapel

    Leave Italy for a moment when you visit to Vatican City, where you’ll walk through striking halls, visit St. Peter’s Square and its soaring basilica, view art in the Sistine Chapel and learn about the Vatican’s deep history.

  • Itinerary

    Days 1-2


    Gelato Tasting

    Head out for a gelato tasting in the late afternoon. Gelato is Italian-style ice cream that is more flavorful and creamy. It is the perfect way to get acquainted with the city!

    Venice Private Walking Excursion

    Explore the promenades and canals of Venice with your guide, seeing sites such as the Piazza San Marco, the golden mosaics of the medieval Basilica and many others. You’ll learn about the history of these fantastic buildings, sculptures and streets as you wind your way through.

    Glassworks Class

    Learn about the art of glass blowing and witness the creation by glass masters of tiny crystal animals!

    Private Mask-Making Workshop with Expert Artisan

    This afternoon, visit an artisan in their studio for a hands-on introduction to the centuries-old art of Venetian mask making. The master crafter will demonstrate how the mold for a mask is constructed and wrapped with papier-mâché, then painted. You’ll have the chance to use these unique techniques of the trade to create your very own mask-erpiece!

    Private Gondola Ride

    Quintessentially Venetian, ride a gondola around the lovely canals for an incredible and intimate view of this exquisite city. Gondolas are deeply entwined in the history of the city, both as a novel mode of transportation and a distinct aspect of its character. There’s a reason it’s a bucket list item for so many travelers.

    Days 3-5


    Florence Private Walking Excursion

    Wander narrow streets as you explore Florence with your guide, spotting medieval candle-lit chapels, marble basilicas and fortified structures of the medieval parts of town. Eventually, you’ll emerge on the Piazza della Signoria, the political center of the city since the Middle Ages.

    Climb the 414 Steps of the Duomo

    Florence’s red-tiled Duomo is unmistakable–white, green and pink marble facades support an enormous dome that rises above the rest of the city. Climb the 414 steps to the top of the bell tower, stopping for breaks along the way to survey the Florentine horizon. At the top, take in a stunning view over one of the most important Renaissance cities of Italy.

    Truffle Hunting with an Expert Guide

    Stroll through Tuscan woods with an expert truffle hunter and their dog in search of the precious tuber. Along the way, your guide will show you how to identify truffles, aromas, tastes, culinary uses and the differences between species of truffle.

    Private Cooking Class

    Learn how to use of your fresh truffles in a fun, educational cooking class. You’ll make a delicious pasta using ingredients you picked, as well as some that are provided for you. Feast on your creations for lunch.

    Climb up Facciatone

    Enjoy a guided tour of beautiful Siena. End your tour by climbing up the Facciatone, the highest viewpoint in Siena. At the top of the old Cathedral’s facade you can view the stunning red tiles roofs and of the surrounding countryside.

    Summer Olympic Games at the pool

    Kids will be able to visit the pool and interact with kids from nearby Tuscan villages. They can participate in various races for a chance to be crowned the champion! The event will also provide a chance to mingle with Italian families and gain insight into their lifestyles. Despite language barriers, making friends through nonverbal means is an unparalleled experience.. Please note, this activity is dependent on weather conditions and may not be available in some seasons.

    Days 6-8


    Explore Rome

    Explore the most exciting parts of Rome with you guide by your side. Learn about the city’s long and storied history. Walk the dusty halls of the Colosseum, the huge amphitheater that accommodated 50,000 spectators while gladiators battled. All the while you’ll take in the daily rhythms of Roman life.

    Gladiator School

    Take a private lesson to learn what it takes to be a gladiator! Donning the traditional gladiator tunic and hefting authentic weapons you’ll gain a sense of what these Roman warriors experienced in their time.

    Rome Treasure Hunt

    This fun family friendly activity will get your heart pumping as you solve the mystery Leonardo da Vinci’s hidden projects! Search the city center, solve riddles, enigmas and tests to receive specific parts of da Vinci’s machine. One you get all the parts of the instructions, finish at Da Vinci Museum and find the treasure!

    Gelato-making activity

    With a trained gelato making specialist, you and your whole family will learn how to make this traditional Italian creamy treat. Customize your flavors and have lots of fun while learning a new skill.

    (Included, but Optional) Visit to the Vatican Museums

    You’ll leave Italy for a moment when you visit to Vatican City, an independent country within a country. On a private guided tour, you’ll learn the rich history of Vatican, explore the famous halls, visit St. Peter’s Square and admire the art in the Sistine Chapel. This legendary city-state is an unforgettable stop, and your family will always remember looking up at the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel together.

    Pizza-making farewell dinner

    Say arrivederci to Italy and learn how to cook your own pizza. Then eat your delicious freshly-made pizza and discuss your favorite memories from the trip. This is the perfect way to cap off your time in Italy!

    Day 9


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    Adult $6790
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    Adult $6790
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    Adult $6590
    Teen $6590
    Child $6390

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  • Hotels

    Splendid Venice

    Castello di Gargonza

    The Gargonza Castle is a medieval village located among Tuscany’s forests, olive groves and vineyards. Amenities include air conditioning, free Wi-Fi, a room safe, hair dryer and free breakfast. The hotel also has an outdoor pool, restaurant, lounge, laundry services and outdoor seating.

    Hotel Ponte Sisto

    Thomson Family Adventures will attempt to adhere to this itinerary and its hotels as much as possible. However, certain conditions (political, climatic, environmental, cultural, or availability) may necessitate changes in the accommodations.

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What Travelers are Saying

Italy is such a wonderful destination filled with warm people, great food and incredible history. Many of us have been there without our kids, and now it is time to take them to see some of this wonder.

Jim Kackley

Founder of Thomson Family Adventures

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9 days

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Active trips revolve around multi-sport activities that keep your family outside and having fun! Your family will spend more time interacting with the elements and exploring than sitting on a beach or inside of a museum. These activities are not always physically demanding but they can be and do require a basic level of fitness.