Morocco: Marrakesh, High Atlas Mountains & Casablanca

  • Overview

    If exotic lands intrigue you; if spectacular mountain trails make you jump into your hiking boots; if you hope to introduce your kids to the timeless traditions of cultures vastly different from their own—then a family vacation in Morocco is just the adventure you need.

    Here are some ideas for your custom family vacation in Morocco!

    Explore the Streets and Souks of Marrakesh

    The labyrinthine alleyways of the city are enchanting to wander through and you never know what eccentricity lies around each and every turn or which ancient souk you may come across.

    Hike the High Atlas Mountains

    Trek through Ouirgane Valley, stop at tiny mountain villages, meet local families, and see sights like the Shrine of Sidi Chamharouch.

    Tour the Ancient City of Medina

    Walk into the walled ancient city center of Medina, protected by 14 gates that lead to a maze like design of alleyways through a city that has remained unchanged for centuries

    Relax at the Beach Town of Essaouira

    Discover a fishing pier and mingle with the locals or go to one of the many stretches of beach and enjoy time in the sun and ocean.

    Spend Time in Casablanca

    Visit the famous city, seeing the most important sites from the Central Market and Royal Palace to Mosque Hassan II, the most elegant and largest Mosque in the world, which is said to have cost $800 million.

    This is a sample of ideas. Please give us a call to discuss creating a full itinerary.