May 15, 2015

Family Vacation in Historic Ireland

Mellows Bridge in Dublin, Ireland.

Ireland seems to have a voice that reaches out to you, calling you home to the rolling hills that sweep over the countryside in a color wheel of green. Every so often you might see the ruins of a castle or a whitewashed cottage bordered by a stone fence. The heart of every village is the pub, and it’s usually filled with friendly people sharing the day’s news, sometimes while listening to an impromptu seisun of traditional music.
Ireland is a small country with not even 5 million people. In fact, the United States has seven times more people of Irish ancestry than people actually living in Ireland! This may be one reason Ireland has become a top family vacation destination! Despite its relatively small stature, Ireland fills some pretty big shoes with so many wondrous natural and manmade sights. However, its biggest treasure is its people, who are among the friendliest and most welcoming in the world.

Almost a fifth of Ireland’s population lives in Dublin. It’s a large city with a small feel and you can see all of the best sites by spending a day walking around. Dublin is full of history and you can see it in its streets. From the Book of Kells on display at Trinity College to O’Connell Street and the General Post Office, headquarters of the 1916 Easter Rising, Dublin begs to be explored. It’s not just ancient history in Dublin. Ever hear of a little band called U2? They got their start right on the edge of Dublin’s Temple Bar district!

Heading west out of the city, you and your family will find yourselves in a completely different world. The Irish countryside, Connemara specifically, is adorned with small villages, rolling hills, green pastures, and roaming sheep. Connemara also has its own slice of pop culture fame. The famous 1952 movie The Quiet Man, starring John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara was filmed in the village of Cong in Connemara. There’s a statue in the town of Wayne holding O’Hara just like in the film!

While Ireland may not be world famous for its cuisine, it’s difficult to find a bad meal. The stews, bangers (sausage), potatoes, and fish all make for a hearty meal- not to mention the soda bread and brown bread. At the end of your meal, when there is only a bit of bread left, you can dip it in the what remains of the stew for the perfect finish to what is sure to be an incredible and flavorful delight!
There are so many reasons to take a family vacation to Ireland, and really none not to. Plus, we’ve taken into consideration everything that makes Ireland the amazing place it is, and we’ve incorporated activities, sightseeing, cuisine and culture to make your adventure one that you’ll hold deep in your heart for many years to come.