December 26, 2017

Our 12 Favorite Memories from 2017

Kyoto's bamboo forest.

Meeting students in Tanzania!

The Azores make a perfect backdrop!

Explore the food of Vietnam on a brand new adventure!

As 2017 comes to a close, we’ve taken a minute to think back over the past year to remember a few of our big accomplishments and favorite memories from 2017!

1. We Traveled Across the World

Our passports here at TFA were busy this year! Some of the places we explored were Panama, Tanzania, France, Japan, the Azores, Germany, Kenya, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Peru, and Israel.

2. We Added Five New Destinations

This year we added Japan, Switzerland, Colombia, Vietnam, and the Azores to the list of countries we help families explore.

3. We Ran our First Trips to Two New Destinations

We ran two successful inaugural trips to Japan and the Azores over the summer!

4. We Launched a New Website

We have a brand new look on the internet and hope you’ve been enjoying it!

5. We Held a 50th Wedding Anniversary in Italy

We had a family of 13 explore Italy this summer to celebrate their grandparent’s 50th wedding anniversary!

6. We Added New Members to the Team

We brought in a few new faces to our office. Mikaela and Tyler on the sales team and Na’ama on the service team! Oh, and Dora, a new resident office dog.

7. We Bought a House

Samantha bought a house that was built in 1772!

8. We’re Running in the Boston Marathon

By we, we actually mean Christine! She was selected to run in the upcoming Boston Marathon. We’ll all be cheering her on come April.

9. We Celebrated an 80th Birthday

One of our traveling families celebrated an 80th birthday with an amazing trip to Croatia. They spent their whole trip island hopping on a yacht!

10. We Hosted the Family Travel Conference

This past fall we hosted the TFA Family Travel Conference on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. We had over a dozen teams from the places we run trips to discuss the best ways to improve the family travel experience.


11. We Saw Moo Travel with Her Daughter to Japan

Moo and her daughter traveled for their 8th time together on one of our family adventures!

12. We Helped A Resilient Traveler Go to Tanzania

Just a few days before leaving for a family safari in Tanzania, one of our travelers had to cancel her trip due to a leg injury. Then something amazing happened, she got advice from her doctor that she could in fact travel. With some quick work and flexibility to re-book flights and the trip, we were able to get this grandma to Tanzania to share an awesome adventure with her grand-kids!