June 25, 2020

Where Do We Go From Here?


It may seem like a tough question right now, as things continue to change and we learn more with each passing day.

But the answer is simple. When the time is right, we get back out there. Back to our favorite destinations. Back to the airports and train stations. Back to the blank passport pages that need to be filled. Back to the world we love to travel.

It’s not going to be immediate, we know. We’ve been talking to our partners around the globe and paying close attention to CDC and State Department recommendations. Just as always, your safety and comfort are our number one priority.

But more than ever before, travel holds a higher power. And it’s our responsibility to take advantage of and channel it effectively.

Through travel, we build tolerance and embrace differences. We change our perspective and shatter learned behaviors. We empower others and break down stereotypes. We protect environments and emphasize conservation. We connect with other humans and nourish families. We improve local economies and promote equality. Through travel, we grow as individuals and impact the world around us.

This is true all over the world. Travel and tourism represents one in every 10 jobs globally – that’s about 330 million people! And as of 2019, travel and tourism created one in every four new jobs. The travel industry helps fund educational opportunities, healthcare improvements and wildlife conservation efforts. Right now, the world – all of its people, its animals, its lands – need tourism.

We owe it to everyone to get back out there, from the guides and rafikis who help our travelers have unforgettable experiences, to all the people who provide meals, hotels, bikes, kayaks, canoes and so much more.

Maybe trading stories with the Emberá community in Panama changes your perspective. Maybe a lively discussion with your guide helps your children embrace differences. Maybe caring for elephants in Thailand inspires you to donate to conservation efforts. The when, where and how don’t matter. What matters is that you chose to use travel’s higher power to expand your world and improve it for others.

There will be some new protocols in place when we return to world travel. What won’t change is how much we love visiting new places and meeting new people. We can’t wait to welcome you back. And we can’t wait to travel with you again.

From our family to yours,
Ina Steinhilber
President of Wineland-Thomson

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