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January 3, 2019

6 Magical Reasons to Visit the Azores

Having already told you about the amazing food in the Azores — yes, it is awesome — we’d like to point out some of the many other reasons the Azores is THE spot for any family to discover. Just in case the idea of crater lakes, volcanoes, lava fields and geysers isn’t enough to grab…

December 20, 2018

Do You Need to Choose? Tanzania vs. South Africa

With more than 20 percent of Earth’s land mass, Africa is the second-largest continent in the world and home to 54 countries. (History and geography buffs, look here for the list and why that number is often disputed). It makes sense each country should have a different feel and experience, and indeed they do. Most…

December 12, 2018

7 Gifts that Give Back

We think one of the coolest gifts is taking your family on a life-changing adventure to an eye-popping destination. These six ideas for presents and stocking stuffers aren’t just great gifts for a loved one; they benefit good causes, too. 1. Drill a Well, Help a School, Empower Women In the rural plains of northern…

What to see in Scotland? Bagpipe players! December 5, 2018

What To See In Scotland: The 6 Best Natural Wonders

The Scottish Highlands are home to some of the most beautiful natural wonders in the world. Around each corner the Highlands seamlessly blend full forests into still lochs and steep cliffs into uninterrupted valleys. This is why they have been the backdrop for so many stories and mythology throughout history from the fantastical to the…

November 26, 2018

7 Things You’ll Eat on your Morocco Family Vacation

Let your family experience a true cultural melting pot by taking a family vacation to Morocco. It’s location in Northern Africa, at the confluence of Arabic, Mediterranean, Andalusian, European, and Subsaharan cultures, has helped Morocco develop a truly unique and delicious culinary history. The mix of Mediterranean and Arab spices painting the vegetables, couscous and meat…